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Travel became more popular than ever before. People travel more than ever before. There is a great variety of ways to travel. We believe that a guided, group or private, tour has a special position in a travel industry.
It may seam luxury to have a private guide and it could be cheaper to go on your own, than joining a guided tour. But if you give it to the hands of professionals – you win a lot.
We specialize in Guided tours to Europe, Private guides offer bespoken itineraries according to traveler’s preferences.
Jewish Heritage Tours play an important and special role in Jerulita. We have been leading these tours since 1999. We are happy to have a team of English and Hebrew speaking guides.

One Day Tours in The Baltic States and Poland

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Nothing talks better than reviews of travelers, who participated in our tours
M.K. Family

It was extremely informative, interesting and personalized. Going on the tour meant so much to my family, even just to walk where my ancestors walked and get a picture of what Jewish life was like and the hardships they faced. I am so appreciative for the wonderful, once in a lifetime tour.

M.K. Family
Amichai Geva
We two brothers travelled from Israel and Canada on a roots tour to Lithuania and Latvia. Our paternal grandparents came from a small town (shtetl) about an hour outside of Kaunas, Lithuania's second largest city. Altogether we were gone for 13 days, including an entire week travelling with JeruLita.

Amichai Geva
Kibbutz Shomrat
Peter Lötscher
We were guided by Jerulita through Jewish Vilnius in the morning of the 20th of April, a school group with 25 pupils and 4 teachers. We appreciated not just the profound knowledge of history of Judaism in Lithuania of our guide, but also the manner he presented it – with humour and with a good sense to breath new life into the streets of Jewish life of the past

Peter Lötscher
Shabby Ben-Porat
I did a 2-day personal tour with Daniel and they were the most powerful 2 days of life without possible comparison. He is knowledgeable of Lithuanian history and showed me the various sites of interest in Kaunas/Slabodka as well as quite a few shtetls of personal interest.  The country is one big museum - but an authentic experience - not comparable with Yad Vashem or USHMM.

Shabby Ben-Porat
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We believe that travel is a natural instinct to explore the unknown and unseen. We believe that our team helps people getting the most value from time spent traveling with us.

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We know the things to be represented; We know the way to represent these things; We want to make you feel a desire for coming back to visit our destinations; We want to wake up your curiosity.

What could be offered?

We offer a wide range of travel services: a Day Tour, a Grand Tour, a Heritage tour, a Musical & Art Tour, Accommodation, Transfer and Guiding.

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