Alternative Music Festivals in Europe 2020

Alternative Music Festivals in Europe 2020

Feeling left out of the festival scene as an alternative music fan? Remember back in the ’80s when you were so anti-mainstream? As soon as you were through your favorite underground band’s cassette, you’d rewind it and play it again. Then the ’90s came and that so-called underground stuff was being played on the radio. Then there it was on TV. “Alternative music” made it into the mainstream. People today continue to love their alternative music. There are lots of festivals around the world to prove it — from Lithuania to Serbia. Search no longer, we have discovered the best alternative music festivals in Europe 2020.

Arsenal Festival 2020

When: June 25 – 27, 2020

Where: Kragujevac, Serbia

With its main stage located in Kragujevac’s disused 19th-century industrial zone, this three-day alternative music festival features some of the most prominent Serbian, ex-Yugoslav and international bands. In 2019, The Kills, Red Fang, the Disciples of Soul were among the headlining acts.

Arsenal Festival is “one of the most interesting, most relevant and most perspective open-air summer festivals in Serbia and this part of Europe”. It annually brings together carefully selected line-up of performers in an original and stunning setting. 

On stage, musicians play a concert amid Skinred’s sign, a crowd of people dancing and waving their arms under orange spotlights
Skinred at Arsenal Festival

Devilstone 2020

When: July 16 – 19, 2020

Where: Anykščiai, Lithuania

Devilstone is a standout open-air festival in the Baltics, Lithuania. At Devilstone, quality up-to-the-minute rock meets select extreme metal and unique electronica. Positively provocative, Devilstone is the space for musical and artistic discovery. Since 2009, Devilstone has been taking place in midsummer, and has been growing ever since.

Certainly, Devilstone musical program is spread over five stages for four days. Performer list comprises around 50 musical acts from Lithuania, Europe and further afield. As always, we are proud to present some of the outstanding acts of the Baltic alternative scene. Not limited to music, Devilstone showcases visual interdisciplinary art through daring exhibitions, performances, film screenings and other creative outlets.

A crowd of people faces a huge scene in the forest

Fengaros festival 2020

When: July 30 – August 01, 2020

Where: Kato Drys, Cyprus

Pioneering Cypriot music festival, Fengaros returns for its 10th edition, presenting a lineup of the cream of the crop from Cyprus, the Mediterranean and beyond.  As a result, for three days, Kato Drys village transforms into a whole other experience, with festival-goers of all ages wandering through the winding roads, discovering new music and experiences.

The festival highlights musicians that have pushed boundaries of popular music and provides the island’s audience, nestled in the south-east Mediterranean region, with a window into the international music scene, simultaneously immersing local and tourist festival-goers and performers alike in traditional Cypriot heritage, through its setting in the village of Kato Drys. As an island that works as a geographical bridge between Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the festival innately features both western and non-western music, including contemporary pop and rock, folk music, dance music, hip hop, and much more.

A crowd of people sits on the floor in front of the stage next to the small houses of light brick. Musicians perform on stage
Fengaros Festival

Prestoso Fest 2020

When: August 06 – 09, 2020

Where: Gédrez, Spain

Most importantly, Prestoso Fest is a small, independent music festival located in the spectacular nature/rural surroundings of south-western Asturias. This year this awesome combo of music, art, gastronomy and nature takes place in Gédrez, Asturias, Spain. The keywords to describe this festival are friends, nature, music and love to explore the beauty of everything.  In short, Prestoso Fest has the best of a music festival without the discomfort: there aren’t overlaps of groups, no big queues, no extreme prices. Organizers want the Prestoso Fest to be a complete experience, an immersion in the best of this area. And it is!

A company of youth sits on the green grass near the fence. Behind the fence beautiful views of the mountains and blue sky
Prestoso Fest

Awake Festival 2020

When: August 14 – 16, 2020

Where: Teleki Estate, Romania

Awake Festival is a multi-genre music festival held in the grounds of a spectacular Transylvanian castle near Gornesti, Romania. Organizers aim to open minds and souls through music and complementary arts, eclectic cultural and sports activities and many other memorable surprises.

Above all, festival’s eclectic line-up unites names from a diverse mix of genres with grime and electronica sitting alongside punk, rock and soul; the festival’s eclecticism is evident in previous headliners, with the likes of Enter Shikari, AJ Tracey, Pussy Riot, and Wilkinson all topping the bill in previous editions.

People stand in the courtyard of a beautiful white building under the garlands
Awake Festival

Though alternative music is not an extremely popular genre among festivals, you will be pleased to hear how many there are around Europe. We have  shortlisted some of the best summer alternative festivals. 

That is to say, you just have to buy a ticket. And we will help you with everything else!

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