When’s the Best Season to Visit the Baltics?

The best time, is when you will be there.

It is trivial to say, that there is no best time. In this article, we give travel ideas for all four seasons.

Come Snow, Come Shine, It's always a Good Time!


Truthfully, there’s never a wrong season to visit the Baltic States. Whether in snow-capped winter or sunny summer, you can always count on things to do, see and enjoy here!


– Warm weather, sunshine – April to August – perfect for the beaches

– For best chance of snow, try December to February

– August can be quite hot in Vilnius, less so in the harbor towns of Riga and Tallinn – dress accordingly!

Days are long in summer – sunset can be as late as 9-11pm!

– May or September are optimal for migrating birds

– Most Rainfall: July.

– Most Sunshine: June.

SPRING: Birds and Flowers, some Showers

Spring season when birds come out to mate, so it’s the ideal time to go bird-watching! It’s still rather cold, so bring a jacket. Fortunately, you’ll admire with swans, ducks, and geese flying into the wetlands along the coast. In May and early June, you’ll avoid the worst of the crowds if you head to the seaside! The countryside erupts into blossoms and sunny days, with Baltic nature in its full glory.

SUMMER: Hit the Baltic Beach

Naturally, summer is the best season to explore the outdoors – head to Karamzinu Nature Reserve or head to the beautiful seaside at Nida. Go swimming in lakes or explore the coves at Pärnu. Keep in mind that many Lithuanians, Russians, and other holiday-makers head to the seaside in July and August, so you might have a lot of competition when it comes to photoshoots!

FALL / AUTUMN: Gold Leaves and Tasty Mushrooms

In Fall, the Baltic countries go all out with beautiful fallen leaves of red, orange, and yellow. The weather is cool but mild, so you may want to squeeze in some camping before the snows. Look again for the birds who migrate for the winter. Gardens will be pregnant with fruits and forests with mushrooms. Fewer crowds flock to the streets, so you have the cobblestones all to yourself! Just be sure to pack rainproof jackets and cozy sweaters. It is a great season to learn about your Jewish heritage.

WINTER: 'Tis the Season

Winters are long in the Baltic States, but chances are there will be plenty of white Christmases headed your way. You’ll have a chance for cross-country skiing, especially in Estonia, known for its hills. Hotels and spas will often be on discount in the low season.  Wear plenty of thermal underwear and bundle up! Thankfully, Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius are chock-full of exceptional cafés to cozy up in. In Vilnius, look for Mint Vinetu, a perfect bookstore/café to hole up the afternoon, with its rows of multilingual books.