Best Vilnius tours

You are interested to visit Lithuania? Looking for things to do in Vilnius?

How to choose from all the variety of the best, unique, out the beaten path, and really authentic Vilnius tours. How to choose a tour and not to end up with a feeling of lost time and money. The key answer is to choose the right travel agency or an independent tour guide

SEO results for Vilnius tours

Many marketers say that if you are not of the front page of google search results, you do not exist. But is it really so? Do we always choose from a top 10 option? Also, we have to remember that every one us gets personalized top 10 positions on Google or any other search engine we use. It depends on the query you type in, your geographic location, history of your previous searches, and many other criteria the smart guy up in the cloud use.

#1 Vilnius with Locals

Vilnius with locals, is a reliable niche tour company, specializing in Vilnius, Kaunas tours. These are two major cities and tourist attractions in Lithuania. I think a niche business is an excellent concept. The statement and the main message is these guys do what they know, and do not try to conquer the world. And Google god rewarded them number one, at least in my search.

They are a company of enthusiastic young guides, and from what I see on the spot in the groups, most of the clients are young people. They offer a “pay what you want” tour and a set price option if you want a little more personal touch.

I would be perfectly fine with booking a tour with these guys or even going for a “pay what you want” tour. And if there would be surface information on some topics, I would continue reading on my own. 

Check out the Ghost tour Vilnius they provide; it must be something you like.


The second company on our list established many years ago, and they were the pioneers in Vilnius tours and trips to Lithuania. Vilnius city tour started from leasing two or three minivans and working directly with hotels and providing short excursions in Vilnius and day tours to Trakai and the Hill of Crosses. With the growing Lithuania tourism, they developed the company and leased more significant travel couches and became number one “hop on hop off” company in Lituania. It is easy to recognize the red color buses and minivans of the Vilnius City Tour. 

They do not offer a free tour, but the prices are very affordable. The cheapest ticket is for a ride with audio guide explanations given in several languages. The journey takes you to all the must-see places and also to some out the beaten path location. Cheap, accessible, reliable!

# 3 www.likealocalguide.com

“The idea was born in 2012 when Kalev Külaase, a seasoned world traveler, decided he’d had enough of guidebooks being too formal and too wrong.” says the about us section of  Tallinn based company.  Step by step they have created an international aggregator of travel services, tours, and excursions.

The site offers you a choice of tours with ratings and reviews given by people who booked through the platform. It is convenient to see a lot of options in one place and in a standardized form. A lot of private guides in Vilnius advertise themselves on this platform.

#4 Vilnius 2020: Top 10 Tours & Activities (with Photos)

In the 4th position for the Vilnius tour search, I saw a more prominent international aggregator company Get Your Guide. And again, my question is whether I want to use a vast platform to book a tour in a small country on my vacation. 

I have found on the Vilnius tour landing page over fifty options of tours, activities, transfer, and guide services provided separately. 

I liked the quick check-out gate and 24-hour free cancelation policy. I would recommend this site for those who search for an activity rather than a personal tour.

#5 Vilnius Free Walking Tours: Free Tours in Vilnius

At the 5th position was another free walking tour local company specializing in Vilnius free tour only. At this point in research, I felt that marketing efforts are playing a dirty game. The company’s mission is to give free professional tours. In my understanding, if people do something professionally, they have to be paid for that, and actually, they do expect a payment for the service.

What I did like is that it feels that they are the real, local guys who offer the best service for a modest price without commission supplements. All the pictures are team-based and are very welcoming. I would book a tour with them.

#6 Go Vilnius

Number 6 is a well-done SEO (search engine optimization) work performed by Go Vilnius. It is an official development agency of the City of Vilnius. It is a state institution, they belong to the municipality, and they also teach and certify guides in Lithuania.

You can book various tours and excursions organized by them. They run tourism informational centers, so you not only get free maps and city brochures but also book there the services on the spot or online. I like their young and enthusiastic team of travel specialists.

#7 FeelZcity Alternative Vilnius

  Tours and Experiences‎ FeelZcity project belongs to one of the first travel companies established after 1990 when Lithuania separated from the Soviet Union. It is a significant and trustworthy company, including numerous branches and projects.

FeelZcity is their hit to be among the strongest in the Lithuanian travel industry. They have created a combination of cultural, historical, and culinary experiences available in one stop.

In my mind, the best of their service is a private folk dinner event. The best folklore ensemble performing and the Grey restaurant chefs are one of the best in the segment.

You can also book a lot of active tours, like cycling, and kayaking. 

Best way to Explore Vilnius 

Jerulita Travel I work for is neither on the first nor on the second page on google search for Vilnius tour keyword, as well as many other talented guides and professional tour companies. 

Most of the above-described options are for a short 3-hour tour, some are for the day. Very few of the first page vendors give you an idea of how long should you spend in Vilnius. Or answer a question: Is it safe in Lithuania and where to stay?

I think that Vilnius deserves 2-3 days’ stay and there are plenty of things and attractions to see outside the city.

If you travel with kids you might be interested in reading this blog post. In my other article, I give an overview of the best coffee places in Vilnius.

You can book your private guide in Vilnius with us too. Among numerous guided tours of Lithuania, you will find a Vilnius food tour, Jewish Heritage tour, Soviet Vilnius tour