Christmas Holidays in Lapland

Christmas Holidays in Lapland

A holiday to Lapland is the ultimate Christmas present. Spend pleasant family holidays surrounded by beautiful reindeer, fluffy huskies, and experience the adrenaline of a snowmobile ride before visiting the magical Santa Claus Village. 

An old man with a long gray beard in a festive red suit is sitting in a carriage driven by deers through a snowy forest
Santa Claus

Christmas homeland

Lapland is located in northernmost Finland, deep inside the Arctic Circle. Known as Santa Claus’ homeland, this country dishes up the stuff of fairy-tales. There is something utterly magical about the forests in the twilight, where Santa’s mischievous elves play hide-and-seek, and the reindeer roam free! Especially when they are lit up by nature’s firework show, the breathtakingly beautiful Northern Lights which have been so good and bright in the last couple of years.

By the way, reindeer not only comes to the magic story with Santa Claus but also exists in reality as the kind of special species. Reindeer is an icon of Finnish Lapland because of the number of reindeer in this province which roughly equals to the number of local residents. Could you imagine this?

Reindeer rides children on large sledges through a snowy forest
Lapland Reindeer Trip

Christmas festive cheer

Lapland pulls out all the stops over the festive period! so there’s nowhere better to get into the Christmas spirit. Storytelling around crackling fires and meet-and-greets with Santa himself are all on the agenda, whether you’re visiting for the day or staying a bit longer. 

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For example, Santa’s Park in Levi is a lively resort center with buzzing restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Mrs Claus hands out hot chocolate, and children can send a letter from Santa’s Post Office and have fun decorating gingerbread, overseen by a pack of cheerful elves.

Children in red elf costumes dance around a huge snowman.
Lapland Elves

Winter sports in Lapland

Santa and his elves are just half the story. Lapland’s snowy countryside was made for exploring. Wherever you stay, winter sports like snowmobiling are as easy to come by as Christmasy activities. Each resort has a different vibe, so whether you’re after an action-packed getaway or a relaxing retreat, you’ll find somewhere that suits.

Two girls and one guy in winter suits and masks waving on a cable car above the winter forest
Ski in Lapland

Christmas Hot Sauna

Another funny fact: Finland is a nation of 5.3 million people and 3.3 million saunas. To Finnish people, sauna is an important part of their life, very meaningful and holy. That’s why, no visit to Finland is complete without a trip to the sauna. 

Just a scenic 45 minute drive away from downtown Rovaniemi awaits a traditional Lapland spa experience, the perfect way to melt your stress away. The Sirmakko Reindeer Farm sits on the edge of a lake. You can spend an evening dashing from the sauna to the water’s edge and back, enjoying the peace, quiet and ever-present Midnight Sun.

Sauna on a ski lift? Sounds crazy, but it’s true. Ylläs boasts the one and only sauna gondola in the world, taking up to 4 people on a 20 minute bathing tour with views as far as the eye can reach. After sweating in the gondola bath, you can continue your sauna experience at the facilities on the top of Ylläs fell.

Two girls in white towels laughing in a sauna
Sauna Gondola in Lapland

Where to go in Christmas Lapland?

In Rovaniemi, Lapland’s capital, you’ve got international-name shops and restaurants, as well as an after-dark scene that rivals any European city. 

Levi, Pallas, Yllas and Kuusamo, meanwhile, are experts when it comes to snow activities. For picture-perfect log cabins with open fires and in-house saunas, with snow-covered roofs hidden in forests where reindeer roam, head for the scenic fell of Yllas. This is the largest ski resort in the country with plenty of non-skiing winter activities to choose from, too, alongside the usual Santa packages of elf workshops and games. Santa especially enjoys the traditional Finnish Christmas porridge on offer and the concerts in the chapel.

Small houses under the snow and a beautiful forest around

Then there’s Saariselka, a real winter wonderland, and Luosto and Hetta, secluded spots, which are real Northern Lights territory. Thanks to the remote location and lack of light pollution the conditions here are near-perfect for spotting this natural light show. Try snowshoeing in Saariselka, or learn about the indigenous Sami people.

Woman in Sami national costume holds reindeer harness
Sami woman

If you are looking to be away for Christmas itself, have a short break to the Swedish resort of Kiruna. There you can ski, go for snowshoe walks and perhaps experience a glimpse of the northern lights. An early-morning church service, Julotta, on Christmas Day is a Swedish tradition. 

Christmas tip

If you have already planned your Christmas holidays, you can still send a letter to Santa. It is a great way to express your Christmas wishes or just say hi! His secret workshop is under the quiet fell Korvatunturi in the east. He keeps office hours every day of the year at Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle. If you want to mail Santa Claus a letter, send it to:

Santa Claus

Santa Claus’ Main Post Office

Tähtikuja 1

96930 Arctic Circle


But, of course, it’s better to deliver a letter by person! Santa is always happy to see you in Lapland, whether it’s July or Christmas Eve.

An old man with a long beard in a red cap and many boys in red elf costumes make out a lot of letters

To sum up, Lapland is very special and Santa Claus’ home with its magical aura and tranquil natural beauty. Even more the warmth of its people. All this together creates the most memorable Christmas atmosphere imaginable!

Six people in winter sportswear watch the northern lights in the forest
Northern Lights in Lapland

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