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Managing partner and a travel guide

I am here to tell you that I am a managing partner at JeruLita tour operator… But everything started many years ago when I was a student.

Before telling you my own story I have to mention that my father made a switch in his carreer and became a tour guide when I have graduated from a high school. So he was running a small business filling in the niche of the Jewish Heritage tours in Vilnius and around.

He always liked history and geography – so travel business was, in a certain way, an optimal occupation for him. He learned Hebrew and was fluent in English, which allowed him to get into the job.

I was a student of economics, fluent in Hebrew and English too, as I have lived in Israel for several years. I had some knowledge of history from school, but not too much, so you can guess that it was quite a challenge for me to become a guide.


Daniel Gurevich


My Father asked me one day if I want to make some cash when I have free time from my studies. Have you met a student who does not want some cash? He told me to study material about some place in Lithuania called Druskininkai. Actually, I had to take my first clients to the airport from that place. But my father told me that it would be better if I could show them around Druskininkai too.

I have shown them the house of Jacques Lipshitz – the famous Jewish sculptor, known in the world of Art who was born in Druskininkai and lived in Paris. Then we drove to see the remnants of the old Jewish cemetery. That was all about the Jewish life, what could be seen, but I had a lot to tell them about the period when first Jews settled there, what was their predominant occupation, the area of settlement and so on.

This was my first simple service provided. Later on, I have spent a year studying for a guide’s license. I have learned a lot of history, geography, architecture, arts, folklore, psychology and more. I have started working as a guide before graduating from the University. When I have got my diploma, I have decided to continue my carrier in tourism.

Yulik Gurvitch - the owner of Jerulita
Yulik Gurvitch

Likes In Jerulita Team

JeruLita has started as a company of one person – Yulik Gurvitch. I have joined my father in 2002, later we have hired other people. And today we are a team of guides and managers and we operate about 150 tours per year.

I like guiding! I like to present different countries for foreigners. It is much more than just a job. I feel proud of the countries I guide in when I talk about the achievements of the local people and feel sad for them when I talk about their misfortunes. It is even more than empathy; it is like becoming a patriot of a country for a time of a tour.

I like guiding! I like talking to people, telling them stories and listening to their feedbacks and their stories. When you guide a group and even more, individual guests, you become like a family. If you travel for a few days or longer you cannot speak about the country and its objects all the time, so you talk about life in general. I learn a lot from the clients, as everyone is an expert in his own field.

I like guiding about architecture! As it is a reflection of the local life, local habits, status, character, and soul. And of course, it is inspiring to see buildings built years and years ago.

I like guiding about history, arts, literature, interesting people, interesting stories, politics a bit less and I really love humor and jokes.

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Daniel Gurevich

Lets travel together! I guide in English, Hebrew, Russian and Lithuanian.

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