Welcome to Jerulita Travel’s Multi-Day Grand Tours. We specialize in traveling the countries around the Baltic Sea.
In our Grand Tours, our team delivers an unforgettable tour designed to highlight the best aspects of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Scandinavia and Russia.

Open up your Historical Perspective.

Immerse yourself in history and uncover what makes these countries tick. Each of our carefully curated trips are designed to enrich your trip with historical fun facts, stories and folk legends.

“History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul.” Lord Acton

Combine highlights and special-interest locations

Choose from our curated tours below or request a tour according to your individual travel needs. We specialize in tailoring the best program that meets your desires in a trip. We work long hours to include the most interesting and relevant sites on your multi-day program.

When you book with us, we feel honored. You trust that we’ll provide a great, memorable tour. At Jerulita Travel, we aim to excite, satisfy and fulfill your travel time in the best and most efficient way.

Trust in your Guides

A tour is nothing without a great guide. Our team of highly professional and experienced guides are the soul of Jerulita. We’re confident that we make a right choice when choosing one of them for your journey.

Why choose a Multi-Day Grand Tour?

If you’re interested in immersing yourself into your destination, we definitely recommend our multi-day Grand Tours. Though longer than our One-Day Tours, they are much more profound, with extra time to really discover your destination.

All of our Grand Tours offer full packages including accommodation, transport, guides, meals, museums, cultural events and other perks.

The Jerulita Travel Team organizes everything for a smooth tour, from the time you arrive to the time you’re off to the airport.