I like guiding!  I like meeting new people. Vilnius with its streets, houses, history, culture, and jokes is the same, but every time you meet different people and they make you work interesting.

I like guiding!  I like perpetual learning. People ask questions, and this encourages me and sometimes even forces me to learn new things all the time. Questions can be about absolutely unexpected fields and this widens my horizon. When I was a “young guide” I was afraid to answer that I do not know… not the best feeling… while today I am self-confident and I can tell people that I do not know the answer. This means that I will learn something new that day.

I like guiding!  I like being outside. Sixty – seventy percent of the tours are outside and with people who come to rest and enjoy. It makes the atmosphere fresh, positive and inspiring. We walk a lot – it keeps all of us fit and healthy.

I like guiding!  I like the idea of the presentation of heritage to people. Somebody said –“ be an ambassador of your country” and I fully agree with it. In my work, I present the history, heritage, folklore, culture, cuisine and other things. It makes my work very meaningful to me and as a consequence to my clients.

I love my job, I am well-paid, I do what I know to do! It keeps me going!