Holidays with children in Lithuania


Holidays with children in Lithuania

The Baltic states present no particular challenges for parents with kids in tow – whether they’re beaming babies or tempestuous teens. In other words, there’s a variety of opportunities for family fun. Lithuania is a cozy and quiet country, which is a great place for a holiday with children.

Due to the compact size of the state, traveling between different cities and places will not take much time. For example, Lithuania’s entire coastline is a veritable playground for kids in summertime. Further, Klaipeda, Palanga, and Šventoji are the most popular resorts for beach holidays.

Also, you can visit Curonian Spit. Moreover, there are plenty of forested landscapes you can explore by foot or canoe in Lithuania. In Vilnius, children will enjoy a climb up the TV Tower, and a dip at the local water park. Let’s talk about this in more details!

1. Water park in Druskininkai

Families need to look no further than this humid wonderland, which brings together six water slides, SPA, saunas, a wave pool, kids’ play area and more. The 30 000-square-meter Druskininkai Aqua Park complex is an oasis of entertainment and recreation. Tropical 30-degree heat, 9-meter-tall palm trees, clear blue swimming pools, 22 saunas, and bathhouses! Moreover, the main feature of the complex is a unique slide, which is 212 meters long. Could you imagine this? Your holidays with children in Lithuania are gonna be exciting!

You can read more about this small SPA and leisure-oriented town here.

People in a swimming pool in Aqua Park in Druskininkai

Aqua Park in Druskininkai

2. Grūtas Park in Druskininkai

With Soviet-era staff, arranged across leafy parkland, Grūtas Park (aka ‘Stalin World’) is worth a visit. This curious amusement park educates with a gallery of socialist-realist art and an information center, packed with newspapers and USSR maps. Young visitors will be also amused by the inhabitants of the mini-zoo located in the park – featuring birds and animals. In addition, children can enjoy the swings at the playground (the Soviet times Luna park). So they can imagine what kind of games their parents and grandparents used to play.

Good to know, it’s 8 km east of Druskininkai.

Spa pools in Druskininkai

Spa pools in Druskininkai

3. Horse Museum in Anykščiai

Horse lovers – and kids – will want to make the journey 6 km north to Lithuania’s only horse museum, in the tiny village of Niūronys. Set out as a traditional farmstead, the museum displays black-and-white photos of horse-drawn transport in Vilnius alongside a fine collection of horse-drawn fire engines, carriages, and taxis. Horse and carriage rides are available (€1.50). Moreover, there’s a playground for bipedal fun. By the way, two buses daily (€0.70, 20 minutes) connect Niūronys with Anykščiai.

Do not miss the opportunity to ride a horse!


4. Narrow-Gauge Railway Museum in Anykščiai

The 100-year-old train station of Anykščiai has preserved the original buildings, rails, water pumping tower, stone-paved square and special equipment once used for drawing different means of railway transport. Housed in Anykščiai’s old station, this museum gives visitors the chance to ride on a rail-bicycle or in a hand-powered rail car. Also on weekends from May to October everybody can take a trip along the line to either Troškūnai or Rubikiai. Trains leave at 11 am and return around 3 pm. Most importantly, children will be ecstatic to get inside the various locomotives and play the role of the Engineer.

5. Lithuanian Sea Museum in Klaipeda

Children will like Lithuanian Sea Museum located in the reconstructed fortress on the spectacular Curonian Spit. This Museum occupies the area of approximately 13 hectares. Outdoor pools for penguins, Baltic grey seals, and Steller sea lions were equipped next to the central redoubt. An exhibition of anchors and screws is set in the open air. In the halls, children will be able to get acquainted with the rich marine history of Lithuania. Scientists raise animals and then set them free.

As written on their website: “Get to know the mysterious water world!”

6. Rumšiškės open-air museum near Kaunas

The Open-Air Museum of Lithuania is one of the largest ethnographic open-air museums in Europe that stretches across the area of 195 ha. The exhibitions at the museum introduce the ethnographic regions of Lithuania, as they looked at the end of the 18th century and the first half of the 20th century. The natural environment of the buildings is restored – fences, green plantation, sacral monuments.

You can see an interior exposition with the equipment characteristic to some particular period! Furniture, clothes, kitchen articles, working tools. In some buildings you can watch the process of some kind of work: making pots of clay, processing of the amber, wood, metal, weaving, etc. Above all, Rumšiškės is the most lively during some traditional festivals which are celebrated here in the traditional way.

You can book a culinary workshop “Gingerbread for special occasions” to amaze children!

7. Vilnius Toy Museum

What can you visit while holidays with children in the capital of Lithuania? The oldest, the most popular, the rarest, the smallest, the biggest, the most expensive – these are the adjectives museums often use to describe their exhibits. The aim of the Toy Museum is not only to showcase unique toys and games but also to allow its visitors to try them out!

Unique original toys must be carefully protected and have to be exhibited under special micro-climatic conditions. Thus, visitors cannot touch or play with those. At the Toy Museum, they want to show children and their parents the originals but also provide copies for them to touch, explore and play with. We assure you that there are many amazing toys!

After the museum you can join our charming Vilnius city tour.

8. Vichy Aquapark in Vilnius

The theme of Vichy aqua park is a hospitable and exotic environment of Polynesian islands. Do you know why? People call Polynesian islands the last paradise in the world and the mood. The park is equipped with 9 attractions that are the most modern in the Baltic countries. For example, there is the “Yell of the Maori“ operating by the principle of the pendulum enabling you to experience a state of weightlessness.

This attraction is the biggest among the closed water parks in the world. Little ones are invited to the playground “Game island“.  There they will find about 50 various attractions. Moreover, a special team of animators will amaze little ones with a fun program: specially created performances and games! For adults, who want to relax, the aqua park offers to spend their time at complexes of “Lava“ or “Bora Bora” saunas. The real paradise for the whole family!

Does your family have any little (or grown-up) adrenaline fan? Then why not to try out the following activities: indoor ski slope, water parks, cycling, rope parks,  kayaking, etc.

You can read how to choose a place for kayaking in Lithuania here. Latvia is also a great destination for traveling with children.

One thing that keeps Lithuania ahead is its enthusiasm for throwing open-air events such as fairs, festivals, street entertainment, and art installations. I wrote about Festivals in these posts: June, July, August.

Consequently, there’s a full calendar throughout the year from song festivals to craft fairs, rally car racing to the sock knitting championships. So check out what is happening during your stay. JeruLita team always has all the latest news so let us know what you are looking for. In short, we’ll be happy to make your holidays with children unforgettable!

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