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When we travel and experience the world, the marks left by other people throughout history influence us and inspire new ideas which help us leave our own mark on this world.

Jerulita was founded in 1999 to help those who want to learn about the culture, heritage and historical value which places around the world have.

Our tours are led by passionate and erudite guides who are happy to answer all your questions, incite lots of laughs, tell you local stories, little known facts and provide you with a world class experience.

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Jerulita Travel

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Jerulita Travel

The history is our story, the tour is yours

Everybody has their own style of travel, some enjoy sightseeing and learning about local culture, others like excitement and luxury meals.

We love guided tours, but our goal is to provide an experience that you will love too. To create your story which you will remember and share with your friends and loved ones.

We understand that everybody has different tastes and different wishes. Most tours lock you in with preselected activities and locations, but not ours.With our Modular Tours you can mix and match activities in your tours and create your own personalized adventure.

Modular Tours

Want to see more historic locations, taste more local cuisine, want to hear more stories or take the scenic route? Tell us online, we'll be happy to help.

Personal Requests

Travelling abroad can be daunting at times: you need to prepare documents, find where to exchange currency, choose where to eat or what places to see, avoid local scams and much more.For this reason we are always on the line to answer your questions and make your tour hassle-free.

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Guides of the Year

Daniel Gurevich

Managing Partner, Tour Director

"When you guide guests for more than a day, you become like a family. If you travel for a few days or longer you cannot speak about the country and its objects all the time, so you talk about life in general. I learn a lot from the clients, as everyone is an expert in his own field.I feel proud of the countries I guide in when I talk about the achievements of the local people and feel sad for them when I talk about their misfortunes. It is even more than empathy; it is like becoming a patriot of a country for a time of a tour."

Jerulita Travel


Jerulita Travel