Join us for a Passover in Vilnius!


Join us for a Passover in Vilnius!

In 2020 Vilnius celebrates the 300th birthday of the Vilna Gaon, also known as “Hagra”. The name of Vilna Gaon Elijah ben Solomon Zalman made Vilnius famous as Lithuanian Jerusalem. He was the greatest sage of the 18th century, the world-famous commentator of Torah and Talmud. His powerful intellect and erudition caused Vilnius to become a Jewish spiritual center that bacame known all over the world.

Lithuanian Jews were an integral part of Lithuanian society in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. And their society contributed significantly to the development of Lithuanian statehood, history, culture, and science. Vilna Gaon was born on the eve of Passover (Pesach)  in 1720. That’s why Lithuanian Parliament decided to name 2020 the year of the Vilna Gaon and the History of the Jews of Lithuania.

We can’t miss this unusual opportunity! So Jerulita invites you to celebrate Passover of 2020 in Vilnius. We believe that there is a special meaning to learn about Lithuania in general and about local Jewry while being here, in Vilnius.

Jewish Heritage of Vilnius

In the past Vilnius, streets were full of little shops with Yiddish & Polish names. There were more than a hundred synagogues and houses of worship. Thousands of Jews were wandering around the narrow streets of their favorite city. During three years of the WWII, the small but rich world of the Lithuanian Jewish community suffered a lot of damage. The horrors of the war followed by ignorance of Soviet authorities changed the face of Vilnius Old Town.

And though no one has yet invented a time machine, it’s possible to travel back in time to when Vilnius was a Jerusalem of the North. Jerulita invites you to go back in time and evoke the Jewish world that existed.

Join us for a Passover festive holiday in Vilnius!

Passover celebration in Vilnius stands out unique from the rest. It offers a lot of excitement and new experience for Jews from other parts of the world. We are ready to make your Pesach festival memorable.

You’ll join and celebrate gorgeous Kosher Pesach with Rabbi. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to enrich your spirit with fascinating educational activities. You’ll learn how Jews of Vilnius, Kaunas, Radun, and Volozhin contributed to creating the cities as they are today.

You’ll see the streets, courtyards, and alleys where a Jewish community has been thriving for centuries. Our professional guides will introduce you to amazing personalities, their influence on the world, Jewish lifestyle in the area, and nowadays actualities. Jerulita team will create a Yom Tov environment with warmth and attention to detail that has everyone feeling like family.

So arrive like a guest and leave like family! As in our long-standing tradition, we promise to provide an individual approach at every stage! Moreover, we’ll provide a close accompaniment from the moment you first plan your vacation until that time when you arrange the photos in the album. There is always a possibility to organize an extension and visit the places your ancestors are from. You just need to mail to our managers.

Let Kosher Pesach 2020 be a relaxing experience for you and your family in addition to a trip you will all remember. Happy Pesach celebration in Lithuania!

P.S. If you already have plans for Passover, but want to learn more about Jewish heritage in the Baltic states, check out this tour!

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