Kosher Food: Where to Find in Baltics States?


Kosher Food: Where to Find in Baltics States?

In a city with a large Jewish community, kosher food is pretty easy to find. Such cities typically have one or more kosher stores and/or restaurants where kosher food can be obtained. Additionally supermarkets will carry some specially kosher products.

The single best source for finding out about kosher options abroad is Chabad.org. It’s a global organization with more than 3,500 institutions worldwide. Usually the local Chabad institution has its own restaurant or offer special meals. You can try to find their web-site and information on it dedicated to keeping kosher in that place.


However many restaurant websites are in foreign languages and sometimes Google translate just doesn’t cut it! By calling or emailing, you can be sure to cut down on some of the confusion as there’s little worse than getting to your oasis of kosher in a food desert only to find that restaurant closed. But it takes lot’s of time. So it’s better to contact us via e-mail travel@jerulita.lt and we’ll plan your Kosher meals and book everything for you.

Unfortunately, Baltics doesn’t offer a variety of kosher food options, and we made this list of cafes where you can find kosher food.


Cafe Lechaim – Chabad

Riga, Lacplesa st. 141

If kosher food is your required diet, Cafe Lechaim provides a simple and cheap yet tasty selection of seafood, falafel, whipped egg with matzoth, schnitzels and more. Here you can get traditional Jewish meals for breakfast, lunch, and supper, as well as often meet members of Riga’s small remaining Jewish community. Aside from an inconspicuous sign, the cafe is almost impossible to find. assuring you that its patrons are more regulars than tourists. But when you are in you’ll be surprised with good kosher food and service!

deep-fried balls made from ground chickpeas
Kosher Falafel

Cafe 7:40  

Riga, Skolas st. 6/1

Tucked away in the basement this is truly a hidden gem, where you can find kosher food. Clean and cozy cafe! Food well presented and served at low prices. The pelmeni, chicken cutlets, shnitzel, kasha, chicken bullion, etc. – you can find these simple Russian dishes in their menu. There are also Israeli items, but restaurant specialties is Russian cuisine.

Big yellow buiding on crowded street
Synagogue in Riga

Here you can find the list of products without Rabbinical supervision, but are 100% natural, without additives and, therefore, are considered naturally Kosher, and can be bought in any local store. There are also pictures of Kosher symbols for easier identification and  list of stores which sell some Kosher products. Shop “Bioss Ekoveikals” is one of the places where you can find kosher products.


Restaurant RISHON

Vilnius, Šv. Stepono st. 22

RISHON is the first and only authentic traditional kosher Jewish restaurant in Lithuania, aiming to preserve and ensure the continuity of the Litvak and Israeli culinary heritage.

Here you find the most popular, renowned and beloved dishes made from kosher, organic produce according to the rules of kashrut and principles of healthy food combinations. Legendary dishes like gefilte fish, forshmak and tsimes, specially prepared meat and vegetable meals, and the famous Jewish sweets. You will be excited!

Plate with name Rishon Kosher Restaurant and Hebrew letter
Rishon Kosher Restaurant

Cafe Beigeliu Krautuvele

Vilnius, Pylimo st. 4

Nice place in the city center, where you can taste Litvak food (mainly sweets, bagels and hummus). It has a great choices for everyone’s taste, environment is very cozy, even though there is not much space. The cafe is also connected to the Lithuanian Jewish community and it spreads info about various cultural events, Jewish culture, history and so on – definitely worth a visit. Either for the yummy bagel or to load up some good energy!

Midle aged woman in black with bagels
Kosher Cafe Beigeliu Krautuvele

There’s also a Chabad in the old town that offers Shabbat meals year round for visitors. Enjoy a traditional Shabbat meal, and be inspired by words of wisdom and soul-stirring songs.


Ruby Food and Cafe

Tallinn, Rotermanni 2

Ruby Food and Cafe has opened in Tallinn, Estonia in Rotterman City, not far outside of Tallinn’s famous old city. This place is located not far from Synagogue, which is about a 10 minute walk away. Menu items for the cafe include banana pancakes with fruit, salads, smoothie bowls, and roast beef sandwiches. Ruby’s grocery is also stocked with plenty of to-go items like hummus, bissli, and more. Kosher supervision for Ruby Food & Cafe is by the Tallinn Synagogue.

By the way, there is restaurant inside the synagogue that offers Kosher dishes of the Jewish cuisine prepared on the basis of ancient and modern recipes. Works on pre-order.

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