Why Lithuania is the Next Big Destination for Adventure

Between lakes perfect for water adventure, to historic parks ideal for hiking, Lithuania is destination for thrillseekers that often gets overlooked. Since a lot of tourists do keep to the urban areas, we’re excited to introduce you to the country’s fascinating, often under-the-radar, natural spaces. Though many of our tours focus on heritage or cultural travel, we’re also thrilled to hook you up with adventures around Lithuania.

1. National Parks

Not long after Lithuania declared independence in 1990, the government established five national parks across the countries to protect local biodiversity and cultural heritage. Northeast of Klaipeda lies Zemaitija National Park, an important site for cultural monuments and several gorgeous lakes. The people of this region—otherwise known as Samogitia—are noteworthy as the last in Europe to adopt Christianity. On the border of Belarus, Dzukija National Park covers 55,000 hectares and is home to many archaeological sites and the 14th-century town of Merkine. The park protects a wealth of flora and fauna, from tasty mushrooms to elk, foxes, boars and wolves. On the Baltic Sea coastline, Curonian Spit National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, notable for a 98-kilometer stretch of shifting sand dunes and historic fishing communities. Oldest of all, Aukstaitija National Park protects centuries-old pine trees, and cultural monuments like a hexagonal wooden church dating back to 1757.

More on Forest Hiking near Vilnius: https://jerulita.lt/forest-hiking-vilnius-lithuania/

Trakai castle adventure

2. Trakai

Of course, it’d be a shame to visit Lithuania and not stop by legendary Trakai, an iconic castle in the middle of a lake. Jerulita Travel often escorts guides to check out this historical masterpiece. Just 28 km west of Vilnius, it’s a short hop in a car or train as a day trip. Trakai Castle and its medieval grounds is the birthplace of Vytautas the Great, Grand Duke of Lithuania. Wander the chambers, drop by the beautiful chapel or take a rowboat out for a spin on Lake Galve. The Castle is part of the Trakai Historical National Park, which also contains 32 lakes perfect for rafting, kayaking or diving. If you’re feeling brave, pay a visit to the Devil’s Pit, a deep sinkhole that plays the centerpiece in dark local legends. 

One-Day Tour to Trakai and Kernave: https://jerulita.lt/one-day-tours/trakai-and-kernave/

3. Anyksciai Path

Just 1.5 hours from Kaunas or Vilnius, the Anyksciai Treetop Walking Path is an easy day trip. Walk 35 meters above the forest floor, bumping elbows with evergreen spruce and pine. The view from the canopy is breathtaking. The Tree Trail Complex consists of a Visitor’s Center, a Tree Trail and Observation Tower.

adventure beach curonian spit

4. Water Sports

With its 98-km-meter beach and wealth of lakes, Lithuania is ideal for water activities in the summer. Even in Vilnius, there are loads of chances to kayak on the Neris River. The largest river, Minija, is popular and praised for its beautiful scenery. Lake Plateliai in Zemaitija National Park offers an ideal playground for visitors from all over Lithuania to picnic, sail, windsurf, dive and kayak. Facilities and water sports equipment is often available onsite in the summer.

lithuania adventure zipline

5. Adventure Parks

There are a few awesome adventure parks not too far from Vilnius or Kaunas, suitable for newbies and pros alike. Labas Adventure Park boasts over 2 km of tree tracks, 40 ziplines and 140 challenges to test your tree skills. All visitors are equipped with gear and taught by an instructor. One Adventure Park is another forested playground with 30 ziplines, and a complex web of nets and bridges. For daring adventurers, try the 400-m-long line that zips you over the River Nemunas!

lithuania adventure white-egrets

6. Birdwatching

Forests cover over a fourth of Lithuania, so it’s no surprise as a hub of bird activity. Come spring, birds flock to Lithuania’s shores, marshlands and forests. Here’s your chance to spot eagles, egrets, gulls, plovers, cranes, storks, peregrine falcons, ospreys, and so many others. Jerulita Travel operates an epic birdwatching tour that will immerse you in Lithuanian’s unique avian wildlife.

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