SPA and health tourism in winter in Druskininkai

SPA and health tourism in winter in Druskininkai

Druskininkai is a peace, freshness and health oasis, the green emerald of the Dainava region. It is one of the oldest and biggest health resorts in Lithuania! Most noteworthy, it is famous as a mineral town. Druskininkai is an excellent place for those who want to get their personal health back, as the city is surrounded by allegedly healing springs and absolutely stunning nature. Druskininkai is especially beautiful in winter! Breathing the pure air, drinking mineral water straight from the natural springs, having baths in natural therapeutic peat, enjoying SPA! All this and doing so much more for your health and mind is what makes this destination unique all year round. 

SPA treatments in Druskininkai

The number one reason to visit Druskininkai is to luxuriate during any number of SPA treatments. Most importantly, SPA treatments are surprisingly affordable in Druskininkai. That’s is why it’s a perfect destination to practice some serious self-care.

SPA VILNIUS Druskininkai is a wellness center with mineral water procedures, treatment programs, SPA bar with special menu, restaurant, leisure center with the games of bowling, darts and winter garden. You will find all these facilities under one roof! Old health resort research traditions are retained up to now: treatments using mineral water, therapeutic mud and vertical baths. A nearby mineral water spring is the greatest SPA VILNIUS treasure! It supplies highly mineral water directly to the health center. Above all, mineral water and curative mud are as good as in the most famous European sources. 

Indoor children's and adult pools in the hotel, sky-view and trees on the ceiling
SPA Vilnius Druslininkai

You can also choose Grand SPA Lietuva. Visit SPA home located on the fourth floor of hotel and try the most effective beauty care and therapy procedures. Professionals will gently take care for your face and body. They will surround you with SPA rituals and will do anything to emphasis your unique beauty. Attention: only here you will have a unique opportunity to try the procedures of amber, the so-called Lithuanian gold, in our Amber Room – the only one of such type in the world.

Uniquely, Druskininkai offers a number of top quality SPAs to relax and restore you that is really hard to beat for quality and value. By the way, you can read more about SPA treatment in our article

Entertainment in winter in Druskininkai

Located at the end of Vilniaus al. near the Druskininkai Aqua Park, visitors will find a cable car running over forested hills, the Nemunas River, and ending at the Snow Arena. The cable car provides spectacular views of evergreen forests, the river, and Druskininkai. The cable car is open year-round to visitors.

Cable cars in the winter forest on a sunny day
Druskininkai Cable cars

Winter sport lovers can ski in the skiing complex Snow Arena all year round. The Snow Arena is a unique winter entertainment center in Druskininkai. 1000 visitors at a time can enjoy all possible winter activities under one roof: they can ski, sledge, and go mad on the snowboards; children can play in the snow; in the future there will be a possibility for them to skate, and play ice-hockey. While having a rest, visitors can enjoy massage and a nice cup of tea. In the evenings they can have fun in the snow restaurant. 

Indoor Ski resort
Snow Arena

Those who are into water entertainment and look for exotic places are always welcome to Druskininkai Aqua Park. The 30 000-square-meter Druskininkai Aqua Park complex is an oasis of entertainment and recreation. It offers aquatic entertainment, the thrill of bowling and the comfort of a three-star and four-star hotels. Moreover, you can enjoy relaxing massages in its SPA centers and the pleasures of bathhouses that are good for your health.  After trying out the ultimate 212-meter-long slide and fighting the waves in the sea-wave pool, adrenaline seekers can regain their energy in the resting area, whirlpool baths and water cascades or plunge into the pleasures of the bathhouses.

Additional option for children

Uno Park is an outdoor adventure park suitable for both children and adults. It has exciting activities such as rope courses, climbing nets, and air bridges. Children and adults are taught to properly secure harnesses while playing on the equipment, as safety is their number one priority. They even offer activities for toddlers who only just started walking, making this a great option for families and active couples alike. 

Some distance away of M. K. Čiurlionis Street, on the outskirts of Druskininkai, in the impressive three-store high wooden building, a Forestry Museum is operating. This Museum not only delivers knowledge, it is a haven for visitors of all ages craving to know more, as there is always something new to look at. Above all, the rich collection of sculptures displayed in the Museum and the Park are noteworthy a special description! From a huge moving oak with the popping robbers, installed inside the Museum, to the heroes of “Eglė the Queen of Serpents” tale outdoors. That is to say, your children will be excited!

Beautiful village house with carved windows on a winter forest edge, wooden statues around it
Forestry Museum

Museums in Druskininkai

This resort is also a perfect place to enjoy events, museums, and art after SPA and health treatment in hotel or sanatorium.

The representational villa “Linksma” is a beautiful architectural monument located on the shores of the Druskonis lake, in the center of the town. Since 2001, the museum has a permanent exposition, hosts events, shows, chamber music concerts and lectures. 

You can admire creations of famous Lithuanian artists in local galleries. M. K. Ciurlionis (1875–1911) was the first composer and artist who combined music with painting, a symbolist who pioneered in revealing the charm of abstract art. Authentic interior and domestic items have been restored in two houses where his parents lived. Not to mention, a permanent exhibition on artist’s creative output, biography, and family history is displayed in two other houses. 

Other gallery exhibits the works of Vytautas Kazimieras Jonynas (1907–1997). He was a graphic artist, painter, sculptor and stained glass artist of exceptional talent. Until his death, Jonynas spent his summers in the gallery, talking with visitors and discussing his work. Equally important, all of the pieces stored in the gallery are gifts from the artist to Lithuania.

Large bright lapy paintings on a white wall
Vytautas Kazimieras Jonynas gallery in Druskininkai

Other activities in Druskininkai

If you’re not a fan of touristic places, simply take a walk. At the edge of the woods, right by the Eglė sanatorium in Druskininkai, stands an old informational display. It shows a map of Žilvinas’ path. You won’t find much information about the path. Although it doesn’t take you to any places of interest or interesting objects, a walk along this path will be like a free respiratory procedure for your lungs.

This path runs through a pine forest that is also full of juniper, which cleanses the air tens of times more thoroughly than pine trees do. That’s why the air here is some of the cleanest in Druskininkai. Locals like to joke that guests’ heads begin to hurt from all of the clean air.

Those who enjoy longer walks can even walk all the way to Grutas park. Definitely, Grutas Park is an extravagant place to visit! Here you can find artifacts from Soviet times in one location. This open-air museum has been controversial from its initiation as some people saw it as a glorification of the Soviet leaders. Moreover, the owner claimed the museum merely allows foreigners and younger generations understand totalitarianism. 

Tall statue of Stalin in the winter forest
Grutas Park

Further, Švendubrė is an old ethnographic village located near the Raigardas Valley. The old Dzūkija homesteads with enclosed courtyards are particularly interesting, and the famous Devil’s Stone can also be found in this village. Švendubrė was first mentioned in historical documents from 1620. On the whole, nice place for winter walking!

Where to eat in Druskininkai?

Druskininkai is surprising in terms of its great cafes and restaurants.

First of all, we invite you to take a time machine straight to 1988. Širdelė, a cafe and restaurant in Druskininkai, is a meeting place for poets, artists, composers, intellectuals, art enthusiasts and youth that has a strong bohemian spirit. The cafe has maintained an authentic and unique interior that it has decorated with 242 photos of the poets and famous people who have visited it.

A large brown room, along the perimeter there are tables with green tablecloths, photographs of famous people hang on the walls

Also city Coffee is a wonderful hipster hub serving delicious coffee and Belgian chocolate cake. It is a perfect place to relax before or after the spa. Another great stop for an afternoon pick-me-up is Boulangerie, which is a small French bakery with good cakes, coffee, and tea. Check 10 Must-Eat restaurants & street food stalls in Druskininkai here.

Already started to pack your bags to spend winter holidays in Druskininkai?

This time, we shared some suggestions that will help you experience something new at Druskininkai. To sup up, this resort town is a nice year round destination especially for tourists seeking active holidays or on the contrary, for the ones who would rather relax. Health improvement in Druskininkai is a source of energy and good mood. Enjoy your life, care of yourself and remember – you are always welcome in Druskininkai!

High Christmas tree, next to it is a small house in garlands
Winter Druskininkai

Contact us with questions, or to create a custom itinerary for you and your travel companions. Furthermore, Jerulita will help you to make the right choice and organize your dream winter vacation!

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