The Best Baltics Festivals in July 2019

The Best Baltics Festivals in July 2019

The best time to enjoy a music festival is definitely the summer! The Baltics states offers lots of summer music and culture festivals each year. We have selected the best 10 Baltics festivals in July 2019. There is so much to discover in Baltics! Moreover, Jerulita’ll be glad to make your vacation even more wonderful!

Rigas Ritmi Festival 2019

July 2-6, 2019

Rigas Ritmi festival is the most loved improvisation, jazz and world music happening in Latvia. You can find the stages at different spots in Riga featuring concerts by world-famous and young musical talents.  It is already 19th year of the festival! In addition, this time it will celebrate 100 years of jazz in Europe.

It will offer a colorful program with concerts, workshops and jam session nights. The organizers are planning free concerts at the open-air leisure venue “Egle”, Origo Summer Stage, jazz club “Trompete”.

Flamenco music lovers will rarely see and hear French artist Paloma Pradal. Do not miss the pride of Swedish music Jonah Nilsson, who will conclude the festival concert marathon at the Congress House. Check the program on Rigas Ritmi web-site!

Jazz Musician
Jon Cleary is one of the headliners of Rigas Ritmi Festival 2019

XXVII Song Celebration and XX Dance Celebration

July 4-7, 2019

Ask any Estonian what it means to be Estonian and the first idea that will leap into his or her mind will be the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration. Festival is involving thousands of colourfully-dressed performers from all over Estonia and abroad. These massive folk gatherings have helped to define nation’s spirit ever since the days of the first celebration in 1869. During the 20th century, the celebration developed into a regular cultural phenomenon. However you can visit it once in every five years.

The year 2019 will mark the 150th anniversary of the first song festival and the dance celebration will take place for the 20th time. The main theme of the XXVII Song Celebration and the XX Dance Celebration is “My Fatherland is My Love.” Read the history of festival here.

Estonian Women Chorus
Estonian Song and Dance Celebration

Cycles of Chamber Music Concerts “Evenings in Užutrakis”

July 6 – August 25, 2019

Laid out on a peninsula between Lake Galvė and Lake Skaistis, the Užutrakis Manor emits the spirit of French Neoclassicism. There are French parterres and a landscape garden around the manor house. Moreover, ponds complement the brilliance of the lakes.

Each summer the “Evenings in Užutrakis” Music Festival satisfy live music aficionados live music aficionados. This festival includes a wide variety of music, from classical to jazz improvisations. You will enjoy music on an open terrace of the palace overlooking the panoramic view of the Lake Galvė. Check the program here. It will inspire you!

Еру The orchestra plays on the stage near the lake
Festival “Evenings in Užutrakis”

Street Theatre Festival “SPOT”

July 10-14, 2019

The Arts Printing House is a unique creative phenomenon in Lithuania, a vibrant performing arts venue and a meeting place for artistic souls. The Arts Printing House invites you to experience theater outside the stage! On 11th-14th of July, the second international street theater festival SPOT’19 will be located in different streets, parks and squares of Vilnius. City residents and guests will have opportunity to get a new perspective on the well-known urban spaces. The interactive, lively and unexpected world of contemporary street theater is open to everybody. Most importantly, SPOT festival has no age restrictions and the performances are completely free!

Find out more about perfomances here!

The man and the woman in the Сathedral square
Street Theatre Festival “SPOT” in Vilnius

DevilStone 2019

July 11-14, 2019

The 11th annual DevilStone festival will return to Anyksciai on July 11-14, 2019. It is one of the oldest festival in the country and also one of the most innovative. DevilStone – a resort of creative freedom and rock & roll that inspires original self-expression and transmits the beauty of alternative culture.

DevilStone musical program is spread over five stages for four days. This year WATAIN presides over an impressive line-up that includes SODOM, CARACH ANGREN, RANGER, TURBOWOLF, TESSERACT, PULLED APART BY HORSES, SHORTPARIS, BUERAK, IDENTIFIED PATIENT and the other great bands and musicians.

More information about festival program!

Black Metal Festival
DevilStone 2019 in Lithuania

Saulkrasti Jazz Festival 2019

July 15-20, 2019

Another Baltics festival in July is well known not only in Latvia but also far beyond its borders! It has created a sustainable position in the minds of the audience as a festival that keeps high criteria of the entertainment quality. Saulkrasti Jazz Festival just began its way in 1997 and provides a workshop camp for the students and also a wide range of jazz music concerts with artists from all around the world.

Festival’s main venue is the Saulkrasti resort Minhauzena Unda, although it offers more than 10 various open-air concerts all over town. Concerts during the day are on the stage in Saulkrasti city center where admission is free.

Program of this year will satisfy all jazz music lovers!

Woman and Orchestra Perform on the Big Stage
Ventspils Big Band participated in the International Jazz Festival “Saulkrasti Jazz 2014”

Midsummer Vilnius Festival

July 15-26, 2019

Since 2016, Midsummer Vilnius festival has taken place each year in the capital city of Lithuania in July. As usual one of the most spectacular places – Royal Palace – will host all performances and concerts.

The gates of the Palace of the Grand Dukes get widely opened to anyone looking for new sounds and various performing arts. The festival will offer a quality cultural program for locals and guests of the city. 10 performances of wide artistic spectrum: from classical nuggets, to popular music; from the most beautiful opera arias, theater performances, to expressive popular and avant-garde music.

Check the official web-site of this bright Baltics festival Midsummer Vilnius Festival.

Crowd at an open air concert at night
Midsummer Vilnius Festival 2018

Positivus Festival

July 26-27, 2019

Positivus is an annual music Baltics festival taking place in Latvia, Salacgrīva since 2007 every July. It offers its visitors a wide array of amazing performers, plentiful entertainment options and a lively atmosphere, creating an unforgettable experience. The idyllic location and beautiful coastal region, located 110 km from Riga are praised both by the festival visitors as well as the performing artists.

Apart from an exciting music experience, the festival goers also have the opportunity to participate in and enjoy various activities throughout the festival.

Further, check their marvelous line-up here!

Crowd near a huge glowing scene
Positivus Festival in Latvia

Galapagai Festival 2019

July 26-27, 2019

“Galapagai“ is one of the biggest international open-air summer festivals of music and entertainment in Baltics, inviting music lovers to enjoy live performances and outdoor entertainment. The main goal of the event is to gather as much music lovers as possible even if they are fans of different musical genres.

The festival takes place at Palūšė, Lithuania, a beautiful corner of nature. There are few dozens of the most famous bands and musicians from all over the world, playing in different styles, so that everyone would enjoy their favorite sound.  In 2019, line-up of Galapagai festival includes IAMDDB, Tommy Cash, JAZZU, G&G Sindikatas, Rusko, Lilas ir Innomine, Vidas Bareikis, ba., Free Finga, Daddy was a Milkman and the others.

You can buy tickets here.

Singer performs on the night scene in front of the crowd
Galapagai Festival in Lithuania

Sea Festival 2019

July 26 – 28, 2019

The Sea Festival has been a synonym of top-class events, festive mood, and, of course, holidays and vacation. The biggest summer fiesta in Lithuania is the venue for meeting friends, discoveries, and inspirations. For the first time it took place 60 years ago! Likewise it is the oldest annual festival in the Baltic States. Consequently, locals say inside joke by calling this festival „The second Christmas“.

As usually, the stunning Craft Fair, impressive parade of ships, colourful opening procession, fascinating performances and many other awesome entertainments attract hundreds of people to Klaipėda.

Above all, during the Sea festival most of the lovely events are absolutely free. What can be better?

Many decorated ships at the Sea Festival in Klaipeda
Sea Festival in Klaipeda

Already planning a trip? In short, it is worth to spend 3 days in Riga or join Charming Vilnius City Tour visiting popular landmarks! You can also check our Baltic Trilogy Tour.

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