The Best Baltics Festivals in November 2019


The Best Baltics Festivals in November 2019

November is soon and we present you our monthly article aiming to advise you what to do if you visit Baltics during this period. November in Lithuanian language is lapkritis that literally means the falling leaves. The colorful bouquet from green to rich red and golden yellow leaves blanket the ground. Moreover, cities become calm and melancholic. If you just decided to visit Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn or another Baltic town this month, please check our article for the Best Baltics Festivals.

14th International Folklore Festival “Pokrovskye Kolokola”

November 6-10, 2019

On November 6-10, 2019, 14th International Folklore Festival “Pokrovskye Kolokola” will take place in Vilnius. For many years, this festival presents the traditional culture of different countries in a diverse and interesting way. It strengthens cultural cooperation, and facilitates communication between the participants. In other words, the festival brings together those who cherish the faith without which traditional folk culture cannot exist and develop. These are our roots and heritage. Moreover, this festival creates an impenetrable atmosphere, raises profound questions, and under-develops concepts.

This year, the “Pokrovskye Kolokola” will delight its audiences with collectives from 13 countries! Belarus, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Corsica, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine. 

“Pokrovskye Kolokola” festival’s participants and guests will be presented with a very eventful program. Folklore ensemble performances, folk dance evenings, folk craft fairs. In addition, there will be educational programs for children and youth. Further, famous educators will give open masterclasses, folk masters will share their craft secrets with children and youth. You can check the whole program here. In short, it’s an interesting event for the whole family!


November 13-17, 2019

Autumn in Vilnius is the time for jazz. International VILNIUS MAMA JAZZ festival has been presented since 2002. The festival program features the music of world famous performers and Lithuanian jazz maestros.

VILNIUS MAMA JAZZ festival will take place at Contemporary Art Center. Visitors will find there Main Stage performances and Showcase Stage performances. Furthermore, Vilnius Mama Jazz Margins panel discussions, conference, visual arts exhibition, record labels’ shops, reading room and more attractions.

One of the main innovations of the festival is the discussion platform VILNIUS MAMA JAZZ Margins. It offers an artistic and cultural dialogue between those who work in the creative sphere, the academic community and the representatives of the jazz world. In addition to prominent figures in the jazz scene, VILNIUS MAMA JAZZ presents a comprehensive panorama of jazz in Lithuania. Lithuanian performers have an opportunity to present their latest projects or stage original artistic programs specially created for the festival. 

Worthy of memorable stories and even legends are the festival’s jam sessions! There musicians have been known to get so immersed in improvisations, that they would often only split in the morning. Wanna dive into a complete jazz frenzy? So circle mid-November in your schedule!

International Contemporary Music Festival “Iš arti” [“Up-close”]

November 16-22, 2019

Baltics IŠ ARTI festival was born in 1997 out of the desire to promote the work of Kaunas-based composers!  Most importantly, to encourage relationships between Lithuanian musicians from different regions. Gradually, the modest event grew into a solid annual showcase of modern music! It features more or less new symphonies, dances, psalms, concertos, rhapsodies, suites, conversations and lectures on history.

The idea of the IŠ ARTI festival is to get acquainted, at close quarters, with Lithuanian and foreign musical trends and processes. Certainly, these embrace local and foreign composers and performers of all generations. 

This festival does not confine itself to elite music intended for a small circle of experts. On the contrary, it strives to get closer to the listener, composer and performer. Likewise, it strives to attract audiences of various age groups and with different backgrounds, and to help contemporary music listeners develop their musical tastes. 

To sum up, “Iš Arti” provides a platform for realization of creative ideas, adding new features to the history of Lithuanian arts and culture, and for searching and widening the circle of like-minded friends. Don’t miss it!

Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF)

November 15- December 1, 2019

The Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) is one of the biggest film festivals in the Baltics. 

The festival consists of the main program, sub-festivals, film and co-production markets, and thematic events. Every year, PÖFF fills the dark nights of November with high-level international cinema.

The festival consists of a cluster of events: the main festival, sub-festivals for youth and children’s films, short films and animations, along with an extensive industry program. Moreover, it turns Tallinn and Tartu into a buzzing, yet relaxed celebration of film culture. PÖFF attracted an attendance of more than 80,000, visited by nearly 1200 film professionals and press from around the world in 2018. Impressive? So immerse yourself in the world of cinema this November!

Staro Rīga Light Festival

November 15-18, 2019

The festival of light “Staro Rīga” has become highly popular and anticipated among Rigans and tourists. Every year around Latvia’s independence day festivities in November, Riga puts on an amazing light festival for a few nights!

Certainly, dozens of buildings and landmarks throughout the city are illuminated with photographs, games, films and other artistic creations. The old town is usually flooded with people. The play of light makes the autumn drabness disappear! Most importantly, it opens up a completely different view of the city.

The atmosphere is definitely festive! That is to say, it’s a great night out for families, groups of friends or individuals who’d like to catch a glimpse of something unique. Both adults and children will find something delightful!

By the way, November 18 in Latvia is a public holiday — public institutions and the majority of private enterprises are closed, various events take place throughout the day. 

Black Food Festival Tallinn

November 23, 2019

The Black Food Festival is coming to Tallinn! Have you ever experienced black food? Black food isn’t just artificially colored, regular food. Some of the most sought after ingredients are black! From the finest coffee, decadent dark chocolate, luscious black berries, to traditional balsamic vinegar. 

The Black Food Festival inspires you to discover the lesser-known black foods from across the world! Above all, participants are going to creatively experiment with flavor and color.

This Festival is coming to the Baltics for the first time this year. By the way, having set out its stall in Berlin, London and New York in the last 12 months, it’s coming to the Põhjala factory in Tallinn. Taste-wise, there’ll be something for everybody!

Festival of animated cartoons “Tindirindis”

November 28- December 1, 2019

The international festival of animated cartoons “Tindirindis” is an arena of non-commercial films. Firstly, the mission of the festival is to present the spectrum of the world animated cartoons as wide as possible: works of different styles, by the representatives of different schools. Secondly, to show animated cartoons, which encourages creativity.

Certainly, the festival will offer diverse program, featuring films of the famous directors, debutantes and animation students from various countries. Most importantly, many of them have awards of numerous international animation festivals.

If you visit Baltic States in November, have in mind that this month is usually cold, cloudy, windy and humid. However, the first part of the month is usually warmer and lighter, but further you go, the darker and colder it becomes. 

The Baltic capitals are easy to see during one trip if you have the time. It’s best to start in Vilnius and work your way up to Tallinn via Riga. Break up your visit however you like! For example, spend one or two days in Vilnius, a day in Riga, and a couple more in Tallinn to get a feel for each city.

To sum up, if you need more specific information about the things to do in Vilnius, don’t hesitate to contact us travel@jerulita.lt!

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