Top 10 apps to use while you travel

Top 10 Apps to Use While You Travel

Check out this Top 10 of travel apps that should anticipate all your on-the-road needs. We didn't see the need to include all the big-name apps like Booking.com, Uber or Google Translate, seeing as most people are already familiar with them. We've only included here the ones that serve a specific niche or those that are excellent but not well known.

Top 10 Apps to Use While You Travel

Spring is around the corner! It’s time to plan your upcoming travels this year. Whether it’s an official family vacation, a road trip, solo wellness retreat, or a last-minute long-weekend getaway with the friends. Thankfully, anyone can now turn to myriad apps to bear the brunt of the hassle that comes with planning. But there are really a lot of applications. 

App For Staying Safe: GeoSure

It’s more important than ever to keep on top of events and circumstances that might compromise your safety abroad. GeoSure collects data from sources like the CDC, the World Health Organization, the United Nations, local authorities, and more, then provides a safety score for your destination that reflects factors like potential health risks, political unrest, threats to women and queer folks, and environmental hazards. It even gives crowd-sourced information about thefts and street crime that have occurred in any given area, and tells you when it’s safe to walk or if you should consider a cab.

App for Language Learning: TripLingo

TripLingo will help you sound like a local abroad as well as helping you adapt to a new culture. You start by selecting a destination and downloading the country pack. For example, if you’re heading to Italy, you’ll have a voice translator that will translate your voice into Italian; an image translator; a selection of key Italian phrases; and even a section with tipping, safety and cultural norms to ensure you’ll blend right in. The phrase section has tabs on humor and fun, nightlife and flirting, all of which you can download and access offline.

App For Navigating airports: LoungeBuddy

LoungeBuddy offers access to premium airport lounges around the world, regardless of the airline or class you’re flying. When you create a trip in the app, it tells you which lounges you have access to based on the airports you’ll be transiting through, as well as how to purchase access if you don’t already have it. You can purchase access on the day you’re traveling or up to two months in advance if you’re the plan-ahead type. If you prefer to search by lounge or lounge program, the app will tell you exactly what is needed to use them.

App For Relaxing During Flights: Calm

Flying can cause anxiety — or provide a welcome relief from constant contact with our digital devices. Either way, use travel as an opportunity to relax, meditate or listen to soothing sounds that will lull you into sleep or a deep, relaxed state. Or, perhaps, you’ll simply find it helps pass the time during a long flight. Calm offers meditations on topics such as self-awareness, calming anxiety, breathing, lowering stress levels and happiness, among others. The app also has music options for focusing, relaxing and sleeping.

App For Meeting With Locals: Meetup

One way to really immerse yourself in your next travel destination is to meet and talk with locals. Meetup can help you connect with people who are interested in the same things as you, even while on vacation. Whether it’s cooking, tech, sports, music, or photography—the app will help you find a local community event to make new friends all over the world.

App For Navigating Traffic: Waze

Waze makes it easy for you to avoid congestion, blocked roads, police, accidents or other hazards that might increase your driving time.

The app has a speedometer to help you make sure you’re staying within the speed limit, and it updates your arrival time based on live traffic data.

App For Budgeting: Trabee Pocket

TrabeePocket can help you keeps track of travel expenses easy and simple. You can see how much is spent and available at a glance on the spot. This app also has a helpful exchange rate calculator. Moreover, foreign money often doesn’t feel like real money. Right? Quickly to check how much it is in your own country’s currency in this app.

App For Splitting Budget: Tricount

For travelers globetrotting with friends, family members or simply splitting the cost between groups, Tricount calculates shared costs and splits bills so you don’t have to think twice about who owes what. Just enter your trip and currency and invite your travel mates to join your trip. Each time someone pays for something, you enter the amount in Tricount and the app splits everything evenly. You can also snap and store photos of receipts in the app.  At the end of your trip, it will show the balances of who owes who what, making it easy to settle up at the end.

App For Foodlhunters: TheFork

TheFork is one of the most useful resources for making restaurant reservations in Europe. You can browse different restaurants by category and make reservations. TheFork is available in over 4,000 cities within 11 countries — most in Europe but also Brazil and Australia — and it seems to be expanding rapidly.

The biggest perk is that many restaurant reservations come with discounts — in some cases, you can get up to 50% off your meal just by reserving a table through TheFork. Foodie travelers should also consider downloading these apps, too.

Whatever you need when you hit the road, there’s an app for that!

Apps can help you navigate a new city; make currency conversions; pack a perfect suitcase; even provide on-the-ground local expertise. However, do you like planning out all the logistics and bookings? Too much planning, and you’re stripping yourself of the opportunity to stumble upon something great by chance. Too much spontaneity, and you’ll find yourself missing out on interesting adventures that require you to plan ahead.

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