Top Travel Trends 2020

Top Travel Trends 2020

The world is an uncertain place at the moment with political factors, global warming concerns and a huge technological shift happening all at once. One thing that won’t change however, is that people will still want to travel. The new decade brings fresh trends for travel, exciting new destinations, and a growing consciousness around planning purposeful holidays. So what are the trends that will affect your 2020 vacation?

Wellness Tourism

Wellness travel has traditionally been associated with luxury spa holidays. But as self-care has evolved into a daily goal, wellness travel is now taking many different forms. To capitalize on this uptick and evolution of wellness travelers’ wants, the hospitality industry is offering more bespoke getaways. Whether that’s stays at far-off monastery, treks to see the northern lights, or experiments with sound therapy. Wellness holidays are not about lacking or deficiency, but a way of being filled up with the things you love.

Wellness Travel Trend

Moreover, a healthy holiday can still involve your family or partner who may want to try an alternative program, whilst allowing you the space for self-healing, reflection in conjunction with precious time together. By the way, check our article about wellness tourism in winter in Druskininkai. You can relax not only in exotic countries.

Transformative Travel

Transformative travel is all about traveling with intention and maintaining an open mind along the way. Personal development, meditation, mindfulness, and yoga were once considered “alternative”, but are now mainstream. 2020 will see more travelers challenging themselves to find meaning and/or change their lives for the better through travel, whether it’s by engaging with a new culture, giving back or conquering a physical obstacle.

Yoga retreat

Are you getting under the skin of a destination in a way that makes you feel fully connected to it? Does the experience leave you with a sense of energy and excitement? Did journey stretch and enrich you? These are the questions that a modern tourist asks.


Booking.com survey (April 2019) shows that 70 percent of travelers would be more likely to book a property if they know it’s planet friendly, but 72 percent are unaware that eco-certifications exist for vacation stays. Activists like Greta Thunberg are sparking conversation on sustainability, making people think more carefully about the impact of their personal itineraries on the environment. The environment (and protecting it!) has moved from a fringe issue for many to become one of the most important factors in planning a trip. Millennials and Generation Z search for sustainability in their destination. They are looking for opportunities to use less plastic. They want to travel more sustainable by taking the train or sleep in eco-hotels, for example.

Eco house in the mountains

Local Experience Travel

As more and more people grow tired of resorts and standard vacations, there has been a shift towards wanting to see the “real” side of the destinations they visit. “Living like a local” will still be a hot trend for travel specialists over 2020. From enjoying local cuisine to celebrating regional festivals and holidays, local experiences are becoming some of the top tourist trends to watch. Travelers are eager for cultural experiences that are more interactive than gazing through the window of a tour bus. That’s why, travelers seek to connect with the geography of a destination the way only a local could, by discovering the hidden gems known only to those who live there.

Authentic Maasai experience

Hope, we inspired you with our pick of the trends and places in travel that everyone will be talking about this year. Contact us via mail travel@jerulita.lt. Whether you have a single question or a special request, we’re here for you! Happy traveling in the year 2020!

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