Tour to Plateliai

Plateliai, a little town in North-West of Lithuania

The settlement is located on the bank of a big lake in a very picturesque area of Zemaitija National Park.

guides of “Jerulita Travel” explore Plateliai

The population of the village never exceeded one thousand residents. Before WWII 18 Jewish families lived in Plateliai (Plotl in Yiddish), in total 120 people. In this virtual tour, you will see the market square with the Independence monument, the site where once stood the wooden Synagogue of Plotl, the memorial for the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

You will see the impressive wooden sculpture “Moses from Plotl”. We will visit and speak to Eugenius Bunka, the son of the Jewish woodcarver Yaacov Bunka. We will finish our visit to Plateliai in the unique Memorial Garden of Litvaks. The apple trees made of metal “grow” in the places on the “map” of Lithuania where Litvak Jewish communities once lived.