1375 €
125 € per person/day

Lithuania stand alone destination

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4 persons 425 €/person
6 persons 585 €/person
1375 € 125 € per person/day
Tour through the well-preserved historic streets of Vilnius Old Town
Pay respects at the Ponar memorial for the local Jews lost to WWII
Stroll on the banks of beautiful Neris River
Visit a carefully renovated medieval castle in Trakai
Swim in refreshing lakes of Trakai
Relax in the forests of Ignalina district
Kayak on a narrow and picturesque rivers
Enjoy adventure parks in Palanga
Drive through the 40 km dunes in Neringa
Go cycling from Palanga to a picturesque village of Karkle

Lithuania stand alone destination

Family-friendly tour around Lithuania. Join 11 days tour Lithuania stand-alone destination. After all, we offer a combination of a  content-packed guided portion with a leisurely spent days. Get to the countryside and join activities like cycling, kayaking, and forest hikes. Lastly, we believe that it fits the young and old. The tour answers to quite a different preference of the members of your family.

Active holidaysLocal CuisineLocal Customs & TraditionsNational parksScenic Views

Dress code

Comfortable shoes, light jackets, umbrella, hats


from 2 years old

Trip Conditions

Activity Level 4
11 Days
10 Nights

Trip Conditions

Activity Level 4
11 Days
10 Nights

Tour Highlights

Enjoy a comfortable Lithuanian summer climate
Enjoy the “green ocean” by visiting major National parks
Feel at home in Centrally located 3 star hotels with breakfasts
Have a culinary satisfaction from meals and local delicacies
Have a hassle free transportation with personal driver or choose a self-driven option
Learn Lithuanian history and modernity with a private guide
Jerulita Travel

Tour Plan

Day 1 Arrival to Vilnius
Day 2 Explore the city of Vilnius
Day 3 A guided tour to Trakai
Day 4 Vilnius – Self explore
Day 5. Transfer from Vilnius to Ignalina lakes
Day 6 Touring in the area of Ignalina lakes
Day 7 Traveling from Ignalina to Palaga
Day 8 Relax on Palanga beaches
Day 9 Rent a Bicycle in Palanga
Day 10 Palanga – Kaunas - Vilnius
Day 11 Vilnius
Day 1

Arrival to Vilnius

The best way to get to Vilnius is through its international airport. You can take a taxi from the airport; it is safe and straightforward. At the same time, if you are a fan of the “full service” travel concept, we will take care of your transfers as well. 

Day 2

Explore the city of Vilnius

We will commence our tour of Vilnius from its cradle – Gediminas Castle Hill and the remnants of the upper castle. Will continue to the Cathedral square.

Then we will whisk out through the narrow street to another square to observe the Presidential Palace and the Old Vilnius University, founded in 1579.

We’ll walk along medieval Castle street in the heart of the Old City. One of the most breathtaking sights is the “gothic triangle,” which includes St. Anne’s church. The old town of Vilnius is abundant with Jewish heritage points of interest. We were walking in the medieval Jewish Quarter of Vilnius – Lithuanian Jerusalem.

We will pass by the Music school where Jasha Heifetz did his first steps in his music career, the famous ORT school, the well known Tarbut Gimnazia, and nowadays Jewish Community Center.

We will also see a former Yiddish theatre, rabbis’ council, and the place of Theodor Herzl’s visit to Vilnius, the balcony where he gave his speech.

A special place to see is a Benedictine convent and the story of saving 12 Jewish souls by Lithuanian Righteous Among the Nations during world war 2. We will walk Vilnius Ghetto streets and will see Vilna Gaon’s house. Finally, we will speak at the spot of the Great Synagogue (don’t mix it with a modern-day choral synagogue).

Day 3

A guided tour to Trakai

Tour to Trakai – the land of lakes and forests. The ancient capital and the residence of Grand Dukes of Lithuania with its 14th-century insular castle – today, the museum of the Lithuanian history. Karaite museum represents the story of this small ethnic group, brought from Crimea 600 years ago. You can taste Karaite food in Trakai, such as kibinai Visit unique Karaite cemetery.

Cruise on the lakes on the electric boat or self-padding if you prefer more activities.

In the afternoon, we will be visiting the adventure park, Treetop climbing. It is an outdoor sport for families and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Physical fitness is not essential.

After safety instructions, participants use safety harnesses to climb trails made of small platforms, constructed at various levels in the trees and connected by ropes and wood obstacles.

Day 4

Vilnius – Self explore

Today you can use enjoy your favorite activities. You can spend some time in the museums, Vilnius can offer you several historical museums, classical and contemporary art museums, and things to keep your youngsters active and busy.

Day 5.

Transfer from Vilnius to Ignalina lakes

Get ready for an Entertainment in a fairy tale of lakes and forests in north-east of Lithuania. On this day, you will start early and will go to the starting point of your next adventure – kayaking on the rivers and lakes.

You will have to choose between 7-15 km. of padding. It is an adventure to pass through the lake curves and broken trees on the way. From time to time, you will stop to have a picnic and to refuel with sandwiches. Swimming in the rivers and lakes is a particular pleasure as well.

Nature in Lithuania, beautiful lakes and forests

Day 6

Touring in the area of Ignalina lakes

To begin with, take a bicycle and visit the Vilkakalnio viewing tower. Then follow the pleasant ride to Azusiles nature reserve. The whole day would include about 20 km of a bike ride.

To continue with, take a car and go to Labanoras regional park. The land of pine forests and lakes. When the last Ice Age was about to end, ice was melting and created numerous lakes in this region. Visit countless small villages, nature paths, and have lunch in a local tavern.


Day 7

Traveling from Ignalina to Palaga

On the way, visit Panevezys, Siauliai, Hill of Crosses.

Depart for Siauliai. En route a of Panevezys, 5th large city of Lithuania. Once famous Jewish religious education places since there were world-famous Panevezh Rabbinical schools. To continue with, city tour to Siauliai, including a Villa of Chaim Frenkel – once the richest Jew in Lithuania, who owned the largest leather factory in the Russian Empire.

Finally, visit the Hill of Crosses near Siauliai, a symbol of Lithuanians’ resistance against foreign rule, with more than 250.000 crosses on it. The crosses started to be erected after the uprising in 1831 and later became a site of Christian pilgrimage.

Visit Telsiai – the capital of the Zemaitija region, a historical. Cross the market square into the Synagogue Street and see the world-famous Telz yeshiva.


Day 8

Relax on Palanga beaches

Spend a day at leisure in Palanga, a most prominent Lithuania’s resort on a Baltic sea. Its sandy beaches and dunes are like a magnet for people who like the seaside, fresh air, and mild sea.

Go to HBH Amusement park, which is 6km from the town. Everyone will find what to do there. Treetop climbing, forest trails, swimming pools, restaurants, and a friendly atmosphere. You can easily spend a day there with your family.

Last but not least, optional is a visit to a Botanic Park and Amber Museum. The botanical park is a park designed in the 19th century; it has a variety of plants, ponds, and a palace with an Amber museum inside it. Amber is a rare stone found only in a few countries in the world. Visit Birutes Hill with a beautiful view of the sea.

Day 9

Rent a Bicycle in Palanga

Rent a bike or segway and have fun in the beautiful resort of Palanga. You can go shopping in Klaipeda’s malls in the evening, or even take a ferry to a Curonian Spit, narrow piece of land made of sand with a unique nature.

Day 10

Palanga – Kaunas - Vilnius

Transfer to Vilnius. En route stop in Kaunas. We will start the Kaunas City tour by walking to the park of Confluence of the two most significant rivers in Lithuania. Next is the Old Town of Kaunas. We will visit Kaunas Cathedral and a beautiful Town Hall square. Locals call the old town hall a white swan, as the building shape with a tower reminds of a noble bird.

We will walk through Vilnius street towards A. Mapu and L. Zamenhof streets, which testify about a Jewish presence in Kaunas before WWII. On Zamenhof street, one can still see a Synagogue and Talmud Tora buildings.

Stop to see the plaque in honor of Lea Goldberg, who was born and raised in Kaunas. 

Day 11


Get ready to depart home

Jerulita Travel


Day 1. Arrival to Vilnius

Day 2. Explore the city of Vilnius

Day 3. A guided tour to Trakai

Day 4. Vilnius – Self explore

Day 5.. Transfer from Vilnius to Ignalina lakes

Day 6. Touring in the area of Ignalina lakes

Day 7. Traveling from Ignalina to Palaga

Day 8. Relax on Palanga beaches

Day 9. Rent a Bicycle in Palanga

Day 10. Palanga – Kaunas - Vilnius

Day 11. Vilnius

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