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Minsk tour: the city of Stalinist architecture and friendly people

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Walk through the only survived part of the pre-war Minsk
Visit Victory Park and Museum of the WWII
Drive through the Independence avenue
Stroll in Trinity neighborhood
Drive by the President Palace

Minsk tour: the city of Stalinist architecture and friendly people

We offer you a private tour with a personal driver and guide to some of the most notable sites and memorials of Minsk, as a center of Belarus tourism.  You will learn about the history of Belarus capital. You will see the old town Minsk Architecture by the Svisloch river and the Island of Tears. Churches of different confessions, sculptures of Lenin and other communist party activists coexist amicably. In contrast, we will see the lights of modern high scribes buildings.

History and ArchitectureLate-Modern HistoryReligious LandmarksUrban life experience

Dress code

Comfortable shoes, light jackets, umbrella



Trip Conditions

Activity Level 2
1 Days
-33 Nights

Trip Conditions

Activity Level 2
1 Days
-33 Nights

Tour Highlights

Minsk Brutalist Architecture
Minsk Tour Guide telling about Belarus history
Private car with personal driver
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Tour Plan

Part 1 What to do in Minsk
Part 2 Minsk city center
Part 1

What to do in Minsk

As the center of the City is Town Hall building, we will start our Minsk city tour at Freedom square. Here is the historical center of Hero-City Minsk. Here we will focus on the Medival history of the city, population, and significant landmarks. Town Hall building reconstructed in 2003 will meet us with several remarkable monuments. Historically in Belarus, there are two streams of Christianity; we will visit the Catholic cathedral of  Virgin Maria and Holy Spirit Cathedral of orthodox. 

Trinity neighborhood

We will cross the Svislach river and continue to the Trinity neighborhood. Here we have a perfect example of the restoration of Old Town of Minsk. Minsk lost many historical buildings during WWII bombings, and Belarus people reconstructed and rebuilt it from ashes. Next, we will visit the memorial “Island of Tears.” We will give our respect to the Belarussian people who fall in battles far away from the homeland, in Afganistan.

Part 2

Minsk city center

From Trinity neighborhood, we will drive along the Svisloch river to see an iconic memorial and a Belarusian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has an impressive palace just a couple of minutes’ drive from this memorial park.

Our next stop is Independence Square, the political center of the republic. You will see the statue of Vladimir Lenin’s, and the House of the Government. Nearby is one of the most impressive neogothic churches of Belarus Saint Simon and Helena. We will learn the moving story of its foundation. 

Independence avenue

We will drive on fifteen kilometers long Independence avenue. It will unveil Stalinistic architecture  — significant, impressive buildings decorated with Soviet symbols. Here we will see the central post office, Labor Union Palace, and Belorussian State Circus. 

We will stop at Victory square to see internal flame for victims of WWll. Passing by the modern part of Minsk, we will end the Minsk tour at the National Library building. The outstanding building includes rare collections of different books and has workshops for various studies. We will enjoy the view of the Minsk from the roof of the Library where was organize a perfect panoramic platform.

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Part 1. What to do in Minsk

Part 2. Minsk city center

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