1250 €
250 € per person/day

Culinary adventure in Israel

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1250 € 250 € per person/day
Grab a plate of fresh hummus with vegetables on Carmel Market
Take a stroll on the beautiful Tel Aviv Seafront - Tayelet
Have a delicious hummus with a warm pita bread
Drink regional Israeli Wine
Join a guided tour of the ancient streets of Jerusalem
Delight yourself on a Machane Yehuda food tour
Explore the Jewish Quarter and The Wailing Wall
Taste the best Mediterranean street food in the Arab Quarter in Jerusalem

Culinary adventure in Israel

There are many ways to travel in the Holy Land. You can join pilgrim tours or just google and buy a tour package to Israel 2020 based on tourist reviews. Or go there on your own and join Israel sightseeing tours. 

We offer you a culinary tour in Israel.  We want to focus on the food traditions of different nationalities and ethnicities who live in Israel. On this journey, you will not only discover but also “taste” Israel. We are privileged to invite you to spend two days with a passionate culinary consultant David Kichka.

Private tour for a small group of up to 12 people, no hurry and no hassle. With a personal driver and guide, we will take you to some of the most hidden corners of Israeli cuisine and street food. We will go to the food market to find out where the food is born and only then delivered to the restaurants.

A comprehensive two-day program to taste the best of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and an optional 4th-day food workshop. You will also learn about the history and heritage of these countries. Finally, you will also have some free time for independent adventure.

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Trip Conditions

Activity Level 2
5 Days
4 Nights

Trip Conditions

Activity Level 2
5 Days
4 Nights

Tour Highlights

3 Meals included
Centrally located 4 star hotels with breakfasts
High quality meals and local delicacies
Personal tour guide
Private car with personal drive
Jerulita Travel

Tour Plan

Day 1 Get ready for a Culinary adventure, get hungry
Day 2 Carmel market food tour in Tel Aviv 
Day 3 Culinary adventure in Jerusalem 
Day 4 Have a free day in Tel Aviv and taste the flavor you choose.
Day 5 End of a Culinary adventure in Israel 
Day 1

Get ready for a Culinary adventure, get hungry

Get ready for a Culinary adventure, get hungry

Arrival to Ben Gurion Airport and transfer to the hotel. Free time. In the evening we will meet for a glass of wine with a culinary expert David Kichka. We will have an introduction to the culinary scene in Israel and its culinary treasures.   

Day 2

Carmel market food tour in Tel Aviv 

We will start in the morning in the most important Carmel market tour in  Tel Aviv and taste local and seasonal ingredients along with some local street food. We will speak about the development of food culture. Will taste the famous pita with hummus in a particular stand, and will have a Knafe desert after a few steps forward. You really have to come hungry there.

Next, we will walk in the Yemenite neighborhood established by Jewish immigrants from Yemen. Furthermore, will continue to Neve Tsedek quarter to feel the vibe of this stylish area with coffees and galleries. 

The next stop will be the historical real first houses of Tel Aviv and the beautiful Rothchild boulevard. From there we will continue to Levinsky Market, where we will find the impressive rich variety of spices and discover traditional craftsmen who become rarer and rarer to find in the food industry. 

Culinary expert, David Kichka, will talk about the food of the different ethnicities that became the pillars of the Israeli cuisine, both the traditional and the modern. We will also taste a variety of dishes here.

We will end the day tour in the old port of Jaffa. It is a picturesque ancient town, famous for a great number of art-shops, galleries, and food places. Lastly, we will surf the “flee market”. Will try local Israeli wines with special local cheese.

Day 3

Culinary adventure in Jerusalem 

We will start the day with a sixty-kilometer drive to the ancient capital of the Holy land. In the old city of Jerusalem, we will visit the different national quarters. We will have a stroll on Temple Mount. Walk by the Dome of the Rock and El Aksa Mosque. From there proceed to the ancient City of David where Jerusalem was first established 3,000 years ago. Ride along from hill to hill through Jerusalem and enjoy the breathtaking views from the Hass Promenade – the iconic panoramic view over the Old City of Jerusalem.  

Next, is Mahane Yehuda food tour.  Local authorities realized the potential of the market for tourism and refurbished it recently into a nice looking and modern facility. You can find here small shops, cafes, restaurants, butcheries, fish stands, bakeries, spice merchants, souvenir shops, vegetables, groceries, you name the rest. But the most important are local people who fill in the place. They are like workers of an open-air museum, who came to decorate it.

We will taste Shakshuka and Aubergine with baba ganoush at this colorful and iconic market.

Day 4

Have a free day in Tel Aviv and taste the flavor you choose.

When you stroll through Tel Aviv streets, you will find a lot of places to eat. It can be fancy or very simple, it is up to you. We suggest not to miss a simple Falafel with a Tahini deep, and fresh and pickled vegetables on the side. And drink tea with Nana mint. That is how you feel what is to be Israeli. 

Choose an Optional tour below.

Make our way to the Hefer Valley, a beautiful green area. Here, we will participate in a special picking and cooking workshop. We will stop at a local agricultural field and pick the fresh produce with the farmers. 

Next, we will make our way to Jacob’s Farm – one of the largest and best-known boutique dairy farm, for a cooking workshop celebrating the Mediterranean cuisine. After working hard, enjoy your labor in a lunch feast.

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No additional activities

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Food workshop

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200 €

Day 5

End of a Culinary adventure in Israel 

Depending on the flight time we shall either proceed to the airport or enjoy another day in Israel.


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Day 1. Get ready for a Culinary adventure, get hungry

Day 2. Carmel market food tour in Tel Aviv 

Day 3. Culinary adventure in Jerusalem 

Day 4. No additional activities (0 €)

Day 5. End of a Culinary adventure in Israel 

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1250 € per person

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