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Day tour in Riga

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Take a picture near iconic Rover mini car in Riga Motor museum
Learn how Janis Lipke rescued people during the Nazi occupation in Janis Lipke museum
Walk at the famous Jomas street in beautiful Jurmala resort
Feel Latvian countryside in the ethnographic open-air museum of Latvia

Day tour in Riga

Join a private day tour with a personal driver and guide to the outskirts of Riga. Our team thinks that you can interestingly spend up to 4 days in Riga. In such a time frame it is good to pay attention to the outskirts of the city too.  We offer you Riga off the beaten track of the city center tour and suggest to visit three fascinating museums and a beautiful satellite of Riga – Jurmala. An alternative would be to go to Sigulda and Cesis, Latvia.

Children friendly tour programCity Museums

Dress code

Comfortable shoes, light jackets, umbrella, hats, sun protecting clothing



Trip Conditions

Activity Level 3
1 Days
0 Nights

Trip Conditions

Activity Level 3
1 Days
0 Nights

Tour Highlights

Magnificent palaces and parks
Open air museum
Outside the city tours
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Tour Plan

Part 1 Motor Museum and Janis Lipke memorial
Part 2 Open Air Museum and Jurmala resort
Part 1

Motor Museum and Janis Lipke memorial

After a short drive, we will arrive at the Riga Motor Museum. Opened on the 22nd of April, 1989, today this is one of the most prominent motor museums in the Baltic states. The museum includes professional restoration workshops that make its exhibition so well equipped. The museum artifacts will take you to the historical journey from the bicycles to sportscars. 

Over bench of Daugava river will take us to Kipsala. This quiet neighborhood was home to Janis Lipke. Lipke was a Latvian Hero, who during the Nazi occupation, acted against the circumstances and rescue life of his neighbors Jews. Today there is a museum of his legacy in the barn where Lipke hid more than 40 jews. In the Janis Lipke museum, you can learn the history and get inspired by a person who risks his life to do what is right.

If you are interested in Jewish history check Jewish sights in Riga

Part 2

Open Air Museum and Jurmala resort

Next, we will arrive at the Ethnographical open-air museum. Since its establishment in 1924, the museum has collected 118 historical buildings from different regions of Latvia. On the walking tour through the museum, you will see the diverse architecture of the different areas of Latvia.  There are permanent exhibitions – household and working tools, interior furnishings – which characterize the period and the district.

The last part of the tour is in Jurmala. It is an iconic resort on the Baltic sea coast. The small but very charming city today is a satellite of Riga. The Nobel and wealthy people from Latvia and neighboring countries used it as a summer vacation spot. You will see here many luxury villas belonging to celebrities. 

We will take a promenade on Jomas street to the famous Dzintari concert hall. In the summertime, Jurmala hosts the show of local and foreign music stars. We will continue to the beach where you can see kilometers of sand and smell the breeze of Baltic see. 

To crown the day tour in Riga, you can have a coffee with ice cream, and return to Riga.

Riga can be part of a multiday tour of the Baltic States

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Part 1. Motor Museum and Janis Lipke memorial

Part 2. Open Air Museum and Jurmala resort

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