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Guided Tour to Trakai City and Lakes

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Explore an authentic Trakai village
Grab a plate of fresh baked Kibinai pastries
Tour through the Trakai National Park
Visit 14th century defensive castle
Views of valley of the river Neris
Five mounds in a beautiful nature spot
one of four UNESCO acknowledged sites in Lithuania
Object of an Archeological importance

Guided Tour to Trakai City and Lakes

Join a half a day Trakai tour from Vilnius with a guide. You can get to Trakai by bus or train, but we offer you to get on board the private tour and to be picked up from the hotel. Our guides will add a lot of content to your visit, and will also show you places which are not so easy to find on your own.

This tour is a combination of History, Heritage, Culture, and Nature sights. You can make the tour more active by adding kayaking, forest hiking, or cycling activities. If you are willing to spend more – order a hot air balloon flight over Trakai Lakes.

Iconic ArchitectureJewish HeritageLate-Modern HistoryLocal CuisineLocal Customs & TraditionsMedieval HistoryScenic Views

Dress code

Comfortable shoes, light jackets, umbrella, hats,



Trip Conditions

Activity Level 3
1 Days
0 Nights

Trip Conditions

Activity Level 3
1 Days
0 Nights

Tour Highlights

Breathtaking Nature Sights
Famous historic places and local legends
Personal tour guide
Transportation for the tour
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Tour Plan

Day 1 Tour to Trakai
Day 1 Part 2 - Visit Kernave
Day 1

Tour to Trakai

We offer you to visit Trakai, one of the most iconic sights around Vilnius. The Grand Duke of Lithuania built it in the 14th century to repel the attacks of the crusades. Numerous wars ruined the insular Trakai castle. Lithuanian authorities but reconstructed it to become the most visited museum in Lithuania.

What to see in Trakai?

Trakai has more water than land, and it is a beautiful nature spot where one can enjoy the five major lakes and a significant number of smaller ones. One can take a break and rent a boat or yacht to enjoy the lakes and views of the castle and the Palace.

Karaite museum represents the story of this small ethnic group, brought from Crimea 600 years ago. Visit unique Karaite cemetery with Hebrew inscription on the headstones.

Day 1

Part 2 - Visit Kernave

Will drive to visit Kernave – the first capital of pagan Lithuania. This little town is about forty kilometers from Trakai and Vilnius.  It has five mounds, located near each other, in a beautiful valley of the river Neris. 

By the way, it is one of four UNESCO acknowledged sites in Lithuania.

We will start the walk through a small pedestrian ally to the big gothic church. Next, one cannot miss the stone statue of Moses with ten commandments. Finally, we will enter the mound’s park. It is an open space, which has a unique atmosphere. You will easily imagine how did local tribes protected themselves on the peaks of these mounds, and at the same time, succeeded in being close to the river waters.

After a visit, we will drive you back to Vilnius.

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Day 1 . Tour to Trakai

Day 1. Part 2 - Visit Kernave

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