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Jewish Vilnius walking tour

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Walk on the main street of Vilnius
Pass by Vilnius University
Explore the old Jewish quarter
Visit the Ghetto area
Visit the synagogue
Conducted in Hebrew at 18.00 Israel time.
Conducted in English at 18.00 New York time.
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Duration about 1 hour.

Jewish Vilnius walking tour

Vilnius city has many faces, and on this 3 hour Jewish Vilnius tour, our guides will tell you about its prominent Jewish community. Jews lived in Vilnius since the early 14th century and played an essential role in making the city what it is today, at some point Jews made up 40% of the population.

If you are interested in a deeper exploration of Vilnius sights go for a full-day tour. You can also check out our writings on the blog-page.

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1 Days
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Trip Conditions

1 Days
0 Nights

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Tour Plan

Part 1 From the Old days to the 19th century
Part 2. The Big Ghetto and Ponar forest memorial
Part 1

From the Old days to the 19th century

Vilnius – Lithuanian Jerusalem Visit  Vilnius Synagogue built in Moorish- Romanesque style. Walking in the medieval Jewish Quarter of Vilnius.  Stop at the Vilna Gaon street and see the location of the Great Vilna Synagogue.  Vilnius Ghetto streets and Vilna Gaon’s house; the spot of the Great Synagogue.

Music school where Jasha Heifetz did his first steps in a music career, the building of the famous ORT school, the building of the famous Tarbut Gimnazia, and nowadays JCC.

Part 2.

The Big Ghetto and Ponar forest memorial

The Big Ghetto and the story of suffering, resistance, and partisans. Judenrat office and the story of “choiceless choices.” Recreated hiding place in the cellar, where Jews were hiding after the liquidation of the Ghetto. Ghetto theatre as the center of Spiritual resistance. We will visit the dwellings for the poor Jews and the place of the labor camp during WWII. We will finish the Jewish Vilnius tour with a drive to Ponar forest and the Holocaust memorial. It is the sight of the extermination of 100 thousand people, among which 70 thousand were Jews.

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Part 1. From the Old days to the 19th century

Part 2.. The Big Ghetto and Ponar forest memorial

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