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The complete 8 day tour of Israel

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Drive to the former ancient capital Caesarea
Explore a Druze Village Daliat el Carmel
View the famous Bahai temple in Haifa
Witness the remains dating back to the 2nd Temple period, also known as the Wailing Wall
Be awed by the digital exhibition in the “Friends of Zion” Museum
Pay tribute to the victims of the Holocaus at Yad Vashem museum
Go into the Templar tunnel and the remains of the Crusader fortress in Acre
Get drenched by the Banias Waterfall
Enjoy natural wonders of Tel Dan park
Feel the spirit of Capernaum archeological park
Take a boat on the Sea of Galilee
Dip into the salty water of the Dead Sea
Walk through Hezekiah Tunnel
Stroll on Temple Mount
Discover the ancient city of David
Observe the old city of Jerusalem from a Hass Promenade
Enrich your spiritual experience by visiting the christian sites of Bethlehem
Tour the Via Dolorosa

The complete 8 day tour of Israel

This 8 days, fully guided tour, is an unforgettable experience of learning about the State of Israel, its fascinating history, culture and people. Israel is a small but very diverse country – it’s western, central and northern regions differ substantially, and on this tour you will get to witness them all.

  • Have fun in Tel Aviv, the young city pulsating with energy. 
  • Stroll on the historic Old Port of Yaffa full of ancient memories and events. 
  • Visit Jerusalem and be left with a whirlwind of emotions and spiritual experiences.
  • Approach the Dead Sea from the picturesque desert road, and when you go into the salty water it will keep you buoying.
  • Feel the spiritual wealth of the country by visiting the places where Jesus spent his days with his followers – Tiberias and the lake of Galilee.

All these places are historically rich with a complicated heritage spanning several millennia, no single tour can cover it all, but we gave it our best shot.

Jewish HeritageLate-Modern HistoryLocal CuisineLocal Customs & TraditionsReligious Landmarks

Dress code

Comfortable shoes, light jackets, umbrella



Trip Conditions

Activity Level 3
8 Days
8 Nights

Trip Conditions

Activity Level 3
8 Days
8 Nights

Tour Highlights

Enjoy stories and perspective told by a professional tour guide
Explore Israel from a First Class ride
Feel comfortable staying at centrally located 4 star hotels
Taste world class meals with a side of fresh hummus and a glass of fine Israeli wine
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Tour Plan

Day 1 Tour to Israel begins
Day 2 Banias and Tel Dan
Day 3 Tiberias - Cana - Nazareth - Kalia - Dead Sea - Jerusalem
Day 4 Day in Jerusalem and Bethlehem
Day 5 Another day in Jerusalem
Day 6 Jerusalem to Tel Aviv
Day 7 Jaffa - Tel Aviv
Day 8 Breakfast at hotel and transfer to airport for the flight home
Day 1

Tour to Israel begins

Arrive at Ben Gurion airport at approx 10.00 am.; Meet your guide (10.40 a.m.) and drive to Caesarea, the former ancient capital, built by King Herod. See the restored Roman theatre, the Aqueduct and the Hippodrome.  

Continue, along the shores of the Mediterranean sea to Daliat el Carmel, a Druze Village.  Enjoy your walk there and proceed to Haifa, one of Israel’s largest ports and a beautiful city on the slopes of Mt. Carmel.  

View the famous Bahai temple with its beautiful hanging Persian Garden and proceed to Acre, one of the oldest continuously inhabited sites in the world. Explore the remains of the Crusader fortress, and the Templar tunnel. Proceed to the Jezzar Pasha Mosque for a stroll around the restored Old City.

Day 2

Banias and Tel Dan

Start the day with a drive to Banias (Caesarea Philippi). Here you’ll get drizzled from splashing water while walking under the biggest waterfall in Israel on a well-built wooden boardwalk. The noise of the crashing tower of water and the spectacular sight make this a most enjoyable experience.

After witnessing the majesty of the Banias waterfall, drive for a few minutes to another natural reserve where you will get to dive in to the crystal clear waters. It is Tel Dan, the source of the River Jordan. 

We’ll finish our northern odyssey at the observation platform on  Mt. Bental. Here you will see the borders of 3 countries – Israel, Lebanon and Syria. 

Then head south for the Sea of Galilee (Kineret). Traverse one of the most important sites for Christians, the village of Capernaum, also known as the town of Jesus. The ruins of the synagogue that visitors see today were in use during the Byzantine period. 

End the second day by taking a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.

Day 3

Tiberias - Cana - Nazareth - Kalia - Dead Sea - Jerusalem

After leaving Tiberias in the morning, proceed to Cana of Galilee where Jesus performed his first miracle of turning water into wine. From there we will go to the Wedding Church and proceed to Nazareth, where Jesus spent his youth. Tour the Basilica of the Annunciation, the largest Church in the Middle East, then take a glance at Joseph’s workshop and Mary’s Well. Later that day, take a walk around the restored Old City and oriental bazaars.  

Closer to the evening go to Jordan Valley to see the kibbutz Kalia and stop by for a ‘dip’ in the salty water of the Dead Sea.

Day 4

Day in Jerusalem and Bethlehem

After breakfast have a stroll on Temple Mount. Walk by the Dome of the Rock and El Aksa Mosque. From there  proceed to the ancient City of David where Jerusalem was first established 3,000 years ago. Pass through Hezekiah Tunnel up to the Western wall.  

Ride along from hill to hill through Jerusalem and enjoy the breathtaking views from the Hass Promenade – the iconic panoramic view over the Old City of Jerusalem.  

Arrive at Bethlehem and visit the Basilica of the Nativity with its grottos. It is believed that Jesus was born on this exact spot. Wander around the central Bethlehem and the Manger Square. To crown the day visit Shepherd’s Field chapel, which marks the place where, according to Catholic tradition, angels first announced the birth of Christ.

Day 5

Another day in Jerusalem

After breakfast drive to the Mt. of Olives and see the Church of the Ascension,

Church Dominus Flevit, the place where Jesus wept over Jerusalem. Continue toward the Garden of Gethsemane. See the House of Caliphas where Jesus was imprisoned for the night and where Peter denied him.

Walk through Via Dolorosa with its 14 Stations of the Cross. Visit the Church of St. Anne and the Pool of Bethesda. Proceed to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the holiest shrine in Christendom. 

Visit Western Wall area, the only remains dating to the 2nd Temple period, also known as the Wailing Wall, a sacred place for Jewish People. Continue to the restored ancient Jewish Quarter. Walk along Cardo Maxima, and arrive to the ancient Armenian Quarter.

Day 6

Jerusalem to Tel Aviv

After breakfast, you will see a unique digital exhibition, demonstrating the support Jewish people received from the Christians throughout modern history, in a  “Friends of Zion” Museum in Jerusalem. 

Next stop is the memorial to victims of the Holocaust – Yad Vashem museum and research center. 

We’ll drive along the Highway to Tel Aviv, Israel Metropolitan City and UNESCO World Heritage site also known as the White City.

Day 7

Jaffa - Tel Aviv

After leisurely breakfast drive to Old Jaffa (Ancient Joppa). Visit the House of

Simon the Tanner, pass by the Church of St. George, administered by Franciscan monks. Wander around the art galleries and see the restored ancient port. Proceed to a beautifully restored Old Flea market and buy some souvenirs.

Following is a local colorite – visit the famous Carmel market, the Tahana (restored former train station which connected in the past (before the independence of Israel in 1948) Damascus in Syria and Cairo in Egypt. 

Drive through the streets of Tel Aviv, visit Sarona complex, restored ancient Tel Aviv port.

Day 8

Breakfast at hotel and transfer to airport for the flight home

Breakfast at your hotel. transfer to Ben Gurion airport for your flight home.

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Day 1. Tour to Israel begins

Day 2. Banias and Tel Dan

Day 3. Tiberias - Cana - Nazareth - Kalia - Dead Sea - Jerusalem

Day 4. Day in Jerusalem and Bethlehem

Day 5. Another day in Jerusalem

Day 6. Jerusalem to Tel Aviv

Day 7. Jaffa - Tel Aviv

Day 8. Breakfast at hotel and transfer to airport for the flight home

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