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The Hidden Gems of Vilnius city tour

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See the magnificent St. Ann’s Church - a masterpiece of the Flamboyant Gothic style
Hear about establishment of Vilnius University - the oldest one in the Baltic States
Have a glance at the most famous catholic icon in Lithuania - Madonna at the Gate of Dawn
Learn about the beginning of Independence and the “Baltic Chain”, standing at the Cathedral Square
Get recommendations where to go for the best crafted beer at the bohemian Uzupis
Go to the most instagrammable places in Vilnius

The Hidden Gems of Vilnius city tour

This tour is an excellent choice to start your first acquaintance with Lithuanian capital. Vilnius is one of the most comfortable cities for pleasant walks in the urban environment. It’s green, compact, calm and full of history, so a three hours walk is never exhausting. You will pass all the main highlights of the Old Town protected by UNESCO, and commence yourself into the atmosphere of the glorious Vilnius past. This tour doesn’t include extended visits inside the numerous churches or museums. However, we guarantee that after this walking tour, you will understand what is in Lithuania special. Jerulita tour guides will also give you tips on Vilnius’ alternative tour options. There is also a bunch of free things to do in Vilnius.

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Trip Conditions

Activity Level 2
1 Days
0 Nights

Trip Conditions

Activity Level 2
1 Days
0 Nights

Tour Highlights

Personal tour guide
The main touristic route is covered: from the Cathedral Square to the Gates of Dawn
Vilnius hidden gems: Uzupis - Independent Republic of local artists
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Tour Plan

Part 1 Around the Cathedral Square in Vilnius
Part 2 From Town Hall to the Gates of Dawn
Part 3 Artist colony of Vilnius
Part 1

Around the Cathedral Square in Vilnius

The tour will start at the heart of the city – the Cathedral square that divides Vilnius into the Old and New parts. Near the statue of Grand Duke Gediminas, you will listen to the famous Vilnius legend. 

Next, you will observe the beautiful Neoclassical Cathedral, built on the spot of a pagan altar. Next, would be the palace of the Grand Dukes, and continue the sightseeing tour by entering the oldest Vilnius street named Pilies (Castle) street. 

After a short walk along Pilies street, we will whisk to the typical medieval lane and reach the Presidential Palace. It witnessed many dramatic events in the city life: the conquest of Napoleon, Russian invasion, Nazi occupation, etc.

The next stop is Vilnius University, established by King of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania Stephan Bathory in 1579. Follow your guide to the Medieval Jewish Quarter. Here is the best place to learn about Lithuanian Jews and why Vilnius was once known as Jerusalem of northern Europe. You can take a look at the list of books we recommend.

Part 2

From Town Hall to the Gates of Dawn

Then we will be walking to the Town Hall square – the former commercial center of the city. The market was held there for centuries till the Russian governor decided to move it outside the city walls. One of the must things to do in Lithuania is visiting a market located outside Vilnius city walls. Here you will discuss what made this market so attractive one hundred years ago and what is the reason for its popularity today.

In this way, we reach the southern end of the medieval city and see “Gates of Dawn” – the only remaining city Gate. The reason for this decision is the Chapel in the City Gate, which contains an icon of The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Mercy. Locals believe that it has miraculous powers.

You will see the Vilnius Philharmonic and hear the story of the underground parliament against Russian rule. There is a newly unveiled statue of Dr. Basanavicius, who was an active leader of the Lithuanian national awakening.

Take a look at the blog post about Vilnius Architecture.

After a tour you might want to continue independently to walk in a picturesque residential area of Zverynas. We describe it in the blog post.

Part 3

Artist colony of Vilnius

The guide will make a stop near the orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit. While standing in front of the church of St. Casimir, you will understand how it happened that St. Casimir is the only Lithuanian Saint. 

For another Vilnius hidden gem, we will turn to the Street of Writers (Literatų) and will see in which way Lithuanians pay tribute to the writers that immortalize Lithuania in their works.

This small street will lead us to the Vilnele river, which serves as a natural border between Vilnius city and the “Republic of Uzupis.” This bohemian neighborhood has its independence day, its parliament and constitution, which you will read on the wall inside the district. You can also find exciting street art and graffiti there.

After strolling the territory of Uzupis, we will leave it and finish the Hidden Gems of Vilnius city tour in front of St. Anna’s Church, which boasts one of the most breathtaking facades from all Vilnius praying houses.

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Part 1. Around the Cathedral Square in Vilnius

Part 2. From Town Hall to the Gates of Dawn

Part 3. Artist colony of Vilnius

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