No matter what happens, travel gives you a story to tell

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What you need to know to Tour Like A Pro

Planning on jumping aboard a tour? They’re a fantastic way to see a lot of things with very little hassle or planning. With a well-planned tour you’re guaranteed to make some amazing friends and memories you’ll cherish forever. Whether this is your first tour or your 100th, there are a few things you need to know before you go. Here you will learn the things you absolutely must know before embarking on a tour.

Why choose escorted tours?

Usually they are just as affordable as planning a trip yourself, but are made by professional tour directors and include unique activities. The biggest reason people choose travel packages is because they get to enjoy their holiday without any of the hassle.

If you ever planned a trip you know how many choices you need to make and how much you need to prepare to go. In two words – a lot! The hassle of organizing a trip for a group can be so big that most self-organized groups never leave. On the other hand choosing a tour already planned by a professional guarantees your comfort and can come with completely unique experiences.

Quote of the day

"The trip is never too hard if you know that you are going home" Chafetz Chaim
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What country sparks wonder in you?

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Guides of the Year

William Zhitkauskas

I like guiding!  I like meeting new people. Vilnius with its streets, houses, history, culture, and jokes is the same, but every time you meet different people and they make you work interesting.

I like guiding!  I like perpetual learning. People ask questions, and this encourages me and sometimes even forces me to learn new things all the time. Questions can be about absolutely unexpected fields and this widens my horizon. When I was a “young guide” I was afraid to answer that I do not know… not the best feeling… while today I am self-confident and I can tell people that I do not know the answer. This means that I will learn something new that day.

I like guiding!  I like being outside. Sixty – seventy percent of the tours are outside and with people who come to rest and enjoy. It makes the atmosphere fresh, positive and inspiring. We walk a lot – it keeps all of us fit and healthy.

I like guiding!  I like the idea of the presentation of heritage to people. Somebody said –“ be an ambassador of your country” and I fully agree with it. In my work, I present the history, heritage, folklore, culture, cuisine and other things. It makes my work very meaningful to me and as a consequence to my clients.

I love my job, I am well-paid, I do what I know to do! It keeps me going!

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Guides of the Year

Svetlana Shtarkman

Travel Consultant and Tour Guide

It could sound strange but guiding for me is like traveling around the world without leaving the doorsteps of your native house. Guides regularly meet new people of very different backgrounds and mentalities, so first of all thanks to this work I make sure again and again how enormous and amazingly various this world is.

I dare to claim that professional guidance is a complex combination of studying, teaching and acting on the stage at the same time: a perfect match for a person whose hobby since the young days is reading, and who likes nothing better but immediately to share this freshly acquired knowledge with the audience. So no surprise, that once upon a time JeruLita and I found each other.

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Guides of the Year

Yulik Gurevitch

Jerulita Owner and a Tour Guide

It all started in 1988, along with the winds of freedom and the premonition of independence in Lithuania. I have designed my first project called “Discover Lithuanian Jerusalem”. It works till now and contains journeys back into the highs and lows of the Jewish history of Eastern Europe combined with general sightseeing and acquaintance with the present-day vibrant Jewish Communities.

On this basis, I started to run a one-person travel company "JeruLita". I like very much art and music, especially classical music. Therefore I have designed one more project - "Art and Music Tours". We visit famous art museums and galleries, such as Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, Mauritshuis in The Hague, Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, Hermitage and Russian Museum in St.Petersburg, National museum in Stockholm, Royal Castle in Warsaw and others.

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Guides of the Year

Daniel Gurevich

Managing Partner, Tour Director

"When you guide guests for more than a day, you become like a family. If you travel for a few days or longer you cannot speak about the country and its objects all the time, so you talk about life in general. I learn a lot from the clients, as everyone is an expert in his own field. I feel proud of the countries I guide in when I talk about the achievements of the local people and feel sad for them when I talk about their misfortunes. It is even more than empathy; it is like becoming a patriot of a country for a time of a tour."

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