Travel to Baltic States: introduction

If you haven’t yet made up your mind to travel to the Baltic Countries or not, this is your quick guide to it.

I’ll try to be brief and not exhaust you with too many details – an effort that’s not exactly easy for a tour guide, which is used to entertaining groups with long stories, anecdotes, and loads of cool info! Nevertheless, here’s my attempt to give you the juicy bits of a Tour to Baltic States!

A Guided Program

Jerulita Tour to the Baltic States is a full-guided program designed to orient visitors in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. You will learn about the heritage of these countries, enjoy sightseeing in nature, and feed your natural curiosity. Our multi-day tours also encounter slight adventures, taste local food and beverages, and listen to local music and voices.

There is just a handful of possible experiences you might enjoy on tour. That’s the beauty of Travel — everyone finds what they’re looking for.

On our guided tour to the Baltic States, we act as ambassadors and feel responsible for portraying each of the Baltic Countries equally. Your tour guides are eager to help every guest get the most of their visit.

Why to explore the Baltic States with a Guide?

Our local experts will give you buckets of legends, historical facts, tidbits, songs, folktales, and more. One of the most significant advantages of hiring a local guide is that you can actually speak with a local who is passionate about the country. NB! Tour is not a one-way lecture, and our guides are always interested in hearing your stories and your point of view.

The Baltic tour usually starts in Lithuania, the southernmost Baltic country, and continues north to Latvia and Estonia. From Estonia, you can take a flight home, or make a tour extension to Scandinavia, Russia, Belarus or Poland. 

How to get to the Baltic States?

There aren’t many direct flight options to the Baltics outside of Europe. The biggest airport is in Riga, the very center of the three Baltic Countries.

If you don’t want to be bothered with a connecting flight, you’ll have to fly to Riga and make an eight-figure shape tour of the three Baltic Republics and then finish your trip back in Riga.

You can arrive by bus from Poland or Russia, and you can drive a car from any place in Europe.

You can take a ferry from Germany as well. You will arrive at the seaport of Klaipeda.

The slowest would be taking a fancy horse and wagon from Krakow.

Top visited cities in the Baltic States.

Vilnius city tur

Vilnius is a perfect city for a walking and driven travel. It is the biggest city in Lithuania and has the main airport in Lithuania. So most of the tours start here.


Trakai town is located in the Trakai National Park. It is a beautiful place for nature lovers.


Kaunas is a second large city in Lithuania and has a great potential for history and active traveling.


Klaipeda is the only seaport in Lithuania. It attracts local and foreign travelers by several resorts and national parks of the area.

Neringa National Park

I would say, it is the most serene and picturesque place in Lithuania. Curonian Spit is a must place to visit, when you are in the Baltic States.


Latvian capital Riga is the biggest city in the Baltics and also the most vibrant one. You better plan to stay two days here.


Switzerland of Latvia, that is how locals call it. An amazing National park of Gauja river is calling your name.


The capital of Estonia is Tallinn. You will love this medieval pearl of the Baltic States travel.

Where to Stay?

Travelers often query what kind of accommodation they should choose. Today’s technology supplies us with an undesirable overload of choices and info about hotels or apartments that can often be confusing. 

“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” – A. Huxley 

I would say that 4-star hotels in the Baltic States are usually of good quality, with delicious breakfasts and friendly staff. The 3-star hotels are generally not air-conditioned but still can be a good option at a lower price. Lodges with 2 stars and hostels are quite popular among younger travelers and can be quite cute. Lithuanians, Latvians, and Estonians like cleanliness and esthetics, so even a modest place can be adequate and welcoming.

Hidden Corners in the Baltics

Active travel in Lithuania

One of my favorite secret spots in Lithuania is Ignalina County, with its lakes and forests. You can kayak, hike, or take a break in the local farm-like accommodation. 

Arts in Latvia

In Latvia, I suggest visiting the noteworthy Mark Rotko Museum in Daugavpils. Take time to go to Liepaja – the windy city. 

Islands of estonia

Take a detour to the Estonia Islands, Saaremaa, and Muhu, to find untouched northern nature and calm locals.

Now we come to the point of a Baltic Food

Some tours in the Baltics are focused on “Walking & Talking,” whereas others are “Walking & Eating.” As a traveler, you’re often concerned with what and where you’ll eat in a foreign country.

Lithuanian food is based on meat, fish, and local vegetables. Black bread, white cheese, and potato dumplings are trademarks of the national cuisine. Historically, spices were quite expensive, and national dishes may seem a little plain at first. However, many restaurants in the cities aren’t afraid to experiment and serve fusion cuisine.

We’ll move onto Latvian foods

At first, foreigners may have the impression that the two are the same–but it couldn’t be more different. Latvian food has more of a German influence.

If you go to a traditional restaurant in Latvia, you might be amazed by the taste as well as the simplicity of the dishes. Start with Latvian boiled black peas with small snippets of bacon and wash it all down with a glass of Cesu Beer.

Estonia Cuisine

Now to our northern sister – Estonia, home of the best rye bread (in my opinion!) All the Baltic countries eat high-quality rye bread, and each claims that its recipe is the best and healthiest. Who’s to know?

Estonians love pickled everything, from cucumbers to herring, and smoked sprats. You’ll also find that aspic with meat is quite healthy and fashionable.