What is the tour share?

The world of a sharing economy

I think we all would agree that a sharing economy is getting more and more popular these days. People share apartments, cars, bicycles, clothes, electrical goods, and so on. There are platforms of peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding, talent-sharing and coworking, and many more innovations.

Jerulita tour share idea

Sharing in the travel industry is not a new concept, either. Indeed, I think that travel based on sharing. At the same time, I have never seen a marketplace where you can share the tour or service you have already bought. 

Our idea is to create a platform of a tour share, on which travelers and service providers would meet. Let us start with the service providers.

Guides, drivers, smaller tour companies, smaller hotels can use the platform for advertising their services. For example, a freelancer guide has an order for a tour of a couple. The journey is for three days and costs 1000 euros. If the customer is interested, the guide can advertise this service on the platform inviting two more people to join the private tour. He uses the assistance of a driver with a car with six seats, so there three empty seats, two of which can bring an income. The guide and the driver would earn an extra 20 %, and the clients would save about the same amount.

The hotel, having some last-minute cancelations, can sell the rooms on this platform. People who rent boats or advertise expeditions are perfect consumers as well.

Our idea goes against the mainstream of pricing. We offer you a tour for two people and when more people join the price drops. The first person who booked the tour decided whats would be the maximum number of participants. Usually, it is 4, 6, or 8 participants, and also chooses the dates. If you do not find a suitable time among the published ones, welcome to create your tour and to be the boss.

Benefits of tour share and slow travel

Following, we will detail whats a customer can gain from using a tour share platform.

Exploring the destination with a guide is definitely worth the effort and time spent. It is not only about the information the guide delivers, but it is also about the memorable experience a useful guide can provide you. To travel with a tour guide is like to be in a 5D movie, where you use all your senses to create memories, which will stay with you forever. Many individual travelers never use guides, as it can be costly, depending on the country. But they happen to travel with some friends, and they do hire a guide to get more out of travel time. With our tour share system, you do not have to depend on friends, and sometimes it can even save your friendship.

Making expensive amusements affordable is another pro of the tour share. You want to rent a yacht or to take a jeep tour, or to join an expedition. It would be hard to realize it for two people only. Tour share allows you to find a company for your dream tour.


Going out of the beaten path can be difficult and uncertain in many travel destinations. On the travel share platform, people share different unusual ideas and initiate crazy tours. You can become a companion for such a journey just in few clicks.

Meeting new people and interacting with them for a more extended period. What an advantage you may say? But you would be surprised how many people are lonely and shy to join big travel groups. Tour share can be a perfect solution for them to travel and to meet interesting people and to have a possibility to learn new words by such an interaction.

Last but not least important: You can simply save some money.

Cons of a tour share

Nothing is perfect in our world; let us see some possible challenges:

Giving up your privacy might not be suitable for many of your planned adventures, while on some of them you will prefer not to be alone. I would say privacy is the main reason why people want to travel alone. In order not to face tensions, complicated decision making, or dull informational noise.

Falling into a company of an unpleasant fellow traveler is almost the same as the previous paragraph. Still, it is more relevant for those who want to travel in a company but are afraid to find themselves in an unpleasant one. As tour share usually oriented to small or tiny groups, we can meet your companions virtually. On the other hand, with people, you do not know your keep your darker habits to yourself, so the others do. That is how we can turn the downside to the advantage.

A kind of the last word

I have presented you with our new concept of booking a tour share. Now the ball is on your side. Check our tours, or send us the list of places you want to visit, and we will come back with a tour itinerary. You have nothing to lose, all this is fully customizable, and all the deposits are 100% refundable.