Winter Markets in Vilnius

Vilnius’ Squares light up with stalls and Christmas lights come the holidays. Regardless of your religion, it makes for a cheery sight. Pop-up markets, handmade gifts, mulled wine, gingerbread cookies, cinnamon spice, candied nuts—what’s not to love? Look out for those special, handcrafted gifts that make perfect souvenirs to take home. For such a small capital, Vilnius offers a wealth of Christmas markets to check out. Here are the best Christmas markets you should stop by when you’re in town this month:

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Cathedral Square, Dec 1-Jan 7

The largest square in Vilnius will light up with the largest market. The elegant tree is dressed up like a clock this year. At its foot, the local market sells mulled wine, pastries, souvenirs and herbal teas.

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Town Hall Square, Dec 1-Jan 7

The decorative Town Hall Square is going all-out with a bright set of glass igloos to serve as the makeshift market. On sale are a plethora of holiday gifts and a modest selection of souvenirs.

Etmonų Christmas Market, Dec 7-8

Etmonu Christmas Market opens its doors this weekend for a stress-free Christmas shopping experience. Look out for the best goods on the first two floors on the corner of Arkliu St. 6 and Etmonu St. 3.

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Vilnius Christmas Fair, Dec 8

Welcome all to the main event, LITEXPO, a fair that groups food, gifts, designs, souvenirs and even Santa Claus.

Christmas Design Square, Dec 18-23

If design and fashion are your evergreen passion, head to the Vinco Kudirkos Square, a market that specializes in thoughtful gifts handcrafted by Lithuanian designers.

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The Commune Art Christmas Market, Dec 15-16

This weekend, “MyHero” loft will transform into a gift shopping plaza from all the corners of Lithuania. Vendors sell their handcrafted goods and may even hold a workshop.

Christmas Pop-up Market @ Club Kablys, Dec 15-16

Club Kablys (Kauno St. 5) hosts its annual pop-up market, bringing over 70 Lithuanian brands to your shopping bag: goods, gifts, cosmetics, accessories, foods.

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Uptown Christmas, Dec 21-23

The favorite Loftas hosts a last-minute Christmas market to cram in your last-minute shopping of crafts, designers and street food.

Don’t Miss! Vilnius’ Christmas Train, Dec 5-Jan 11. Trains ride out daily from the Town Square to Lukiškės Square, 11am-9pm.

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